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Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by WowlTurkey, Oct 2, 2008.

  1. i have a 91 cbr 250 RR. Had a low speed accident last monday which most know about.

    I got a new job (Cheers for Mike, YAY) and it requires that I have a car... Well, more so than a bike :(

    most of the damage (which isn't much) is only cosmetic. Frame, engine etc etc is undamaged

    The question is, would it be more beneficial to sell as a whole? or wreck? I mean, it's no where near a right-off or anything...

    As a whole, I was thinking around 3 - 3500? could i get more? or am i asking too much?

    thanks in advance

  2. or, of course, other option is to repair then sell?
  3. i think thats a bit much for a broken bike..
  4. I'd be pushing to pay 3500 for a fixed or even non-crashed one.

    Lower your price to about 2000 MAXIMUM and you'll be on the money I think.
  5. From what I can see in that picture, it'll need a new fairing kit, respray, H bar, mirror, indicator and possibly engine cover (I've seen them grind through and leak oil). That might not be everything, especially if your bike slid into something

    That's a couple of grand right there, assuming you go for official honda parts.

    You could probably get away with fixing rather then replacing some of those parts, and using aftermarket/ebay spares. However plain red fairing isn't a honda official colour, or a common aftermarket colour, so you'd probably still need a respray on the side and nosecone.

    So, 3-3.5 is far over the top for a crashed bike. Thats close to what it would be worth uncrashed (you paid $4200). In its current state, I'd say it'd be worth $800-2000. Probably somewhat over a thousand.

    My mate did a similar slide on his bike, with damage only to one side, and that was an insurance write off.
  6. To give you an idea, I sold mine a year ago (so add depreciation), in working order, with wrecked fairings (complete but cracks everywhere) with a new front tyre for $3500...

    So as others have said, i'd imagine no more than $2k...

    Also dont believe bikesales prices, thats why they're still on bikesales... ;)
  7. In great condition it would be mid 4000s, ie. what you paid for it.

    Then the repairs, I'd say 1000 grand for fixing and painting assuming they're not too bad - and even then you're left with repaired fairings - fixing the fairings doesn't even return it to full value as its been in a crash and repaired.

    Then there is the bar replacement, probably $100-150ish.

    And if the mirrors/pegs/engin case, etc. need replacing or have been damage, theres more for that. Lets say a few hundred for this lost value/repairs etc

    Basically that will bring it close to 2500 if you take off the amount of repairs from the 'good condition' price. But thats not how much its been worth and don't mistake it as that - just because it will only cost 2 grand to fix up doesn't mean its worth normal price - repair cost. No one would buy a bike with damage unless they're getting a good deal - otherwise they'd just buy the non crashed bike.

    That said, theres alot of idiots out there - and the cbr250rr is a popular bike. On the flipside, those with cbr250rr usually want them to be in great cosmetic condition so selling may be harder.

    I went on a massive cbr250rr hunt a while back - looking for a cbr in your exact condition, basically mechanically fine but asthetically a bit yuck. Was hard pressed to find one at my price (1500), but you'd get 2000 no worries.

    edit: Yes, so conclusion is; fix it yourself then sell unless you need money asap
  8. Yeah if you need the money now, sell the wreck. But you'd get more if you fix it. Fairing kits are only $600 on ebay. Then you'd just need the tank painted to match and the other parts which are broken. Could fix it for $1500, sell it for 4-5 grand as an immaculate bike.
  9. This just screams out 'track bike!' If you are looking to offload quickly feel free to PM me your lowest figure and I'll see what the minister of war and finance says.