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selling to a dealer?

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by adnan12, Jul 23, 2006.

  1. Just wondering I want to sell my 1988 yamaha fzr250 soon, how much would a dealer pay for it? 3000? It's in good condition....

  2. You probably already know this but, selling privately is going to get you closer to the $3000 mark. The dealer will pay you the price he would pay if he bought it wholesale, more likely to be $2000-$2500. If you were a good negotiator and were trading up to something new they would probably have a bit more room to play. In that case its the "changeover", the cost to you of doing the deal, that's the important figure.

    Hope that helps.
  3. Hey adnan12,
    Do you have pics of your FZR?
    I sold a 3LN3 FZR250RR a while ago for $3800,
    but it had a basically new paint job,
    was a private sale, dealer best price was $3000.
    As cheif said, the dealer will only give you a price that they can get a similar bike for from a wholesale source, ie as cheap as possible,
    See below, is how I sold my FZR.

    Not sure where you are based, (add that is you profile or auto sig)
    but one idea,
    go around the dealers,
    not on your FZR though,
    ask prices to buy one,
    compare the quaility on the bikes on sale to your,
    ie paint, fairings etc.
    should give you a good guide,
    I based the selling price on my FZR by the local dealer selling price,
    then undercut it by $750.
    I advertised at $4200,
    let it go at $3800,
    I had paid $4000 two years earlier.
    Not bad value, I think you would agree

  4. A dealer will give you a maximum HALF of what he thinks he can get for it, unless you decide to trade in, then you might get a little more.
    They try to get a 50% margin on things usually.
    If you want to know what you'll get, look at the Redbook price, for your bike and halve it.

    Regards, Andrew.