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Selling to a dealer in Melbourne

Discussion in 'Businesses and Service Providers' started by noobie_rider, Sep 29, 2008.

  1. Hey guys,

    I will be leaving to go overseas in the next 2 weeks so i probably won't have time to sell my bike privately.

    So i was wondering if anyone has any experience selling thier bikes to a dealer. I will incur a huge loss but since i have to leave on short notice, i think it is my only option.

    Has anyone dealt with dealers in Melbourne or know of any good dealers in inner Melbourne. I am selling 05 CBR600 RR with about 20K on the dial.
  2. You would get a better price on ebay starting with a low auction start price that you would from a dealer direct sale.
  3. Generally, the main dealers aren't that interested in straight purchases - their business is selling new bikes. Your best bet will be the small shops who might now be looking for stock for the coming summer season. You're right, though, you will take a hit to get rid of it quick.
  4. Why dont you pay the NR membership fee and advertise it here?
    Quick sale or not you may as well have it advertsed :?
  5. do it, the membership is for life, and well worth it. you know you want too.

    I'm curious what is the bike?
  6. Its 05 CBR600 RR. 20K on the dial. I will see spoton and melb motorcycle brokers to get a price. Would Peter Stevens and Yamaha in city buy motorbikes direct?
  7. check your pm's ':)
  8. I wouldn't bother with PS or Spot On motorcycles in Melbourne. They'll offer you half what your bike is worth...if your lucky.
  9. How much are you looking for it?
    Might have someone interested
  10. Bike has been sold.
  11. [/quote]