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Selling through a dealer

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Kurtis_Strange, Oct 25, 2005.

  1. Ok this is not actually a 'for sale' ad but a question about selling through dealers on consignment, so I've put here.

    So whats the go with bike dealers? I know if you sell through a car dealer you lose a heap of cash...

    My bike is a 7 week old scooter, I've just realised that its not what I want after getting on the road for the first time. I haven't told the shop I bought it from I'm selling it yet, but they do offer a second hand sales service.

    Just wanted to get the heads up first, I imagine I would get more for it in a private sale? Is their an advantage in selling through a shop? Do they take a cut?

  2. Be careful of the paperwork that you sign when you consign it. There was a dealer who closed down (due to financial difficulties) that sold several bikes on consignment, and the people who'd consingned the bikes ended up as 'unsecured' creditors when it came to getting thier money back.

    Yes... the shop sold the bikes, the money went into the general shop fund (not a trust account) etc etc.

    So... ask some questions, like "do you have a trust account for sale of consignment bikes". What insurance is offered on the bike if it is stolent (or burnt or damaged during a test ride).

    And similar bits and pieces... if they go "duh... ummm" then walk away.
  3. yeah probs a percentage. sell it privately and just knock a small percentage off the new cost. e.g.win a $60,000 SS ute. sell it to a dickhead for $58,000 and buy a falcon ute. :D :LOL:

    or you could just stand outside the dealership with some pictures and detail and say you'll sell em one cheaper
  4. ok you've just scared me off that idea.

    When my bike is sold I want cash straight in my hand, that day! I can imagine the BS I might go through using a bike shop as a go between...

    The flipside though is what if someone comes round to look at the bike, takes it out for a test ride and crashes it???
  5. It depends on your insurance company. Best to call them to find out.
  6. well I'm with good ol NRMA...lol...I will call em up and find out
  7. Try selling privately first and have some patience. You'll get a better deal if you are prepared to do the running around. It is definately bike buying season and you will be able to put a premium private price on it. A 7 week old current model bike/scooter, very few KM's, still under warranty, initial service done, with heaps of rego, undamaged, name brand etc. is about as desirable proposition to a buyer as they get.
    You shouldn't need to drop a heap off the original price to get some interest. Scooters are about the hottest bike sales item at the moment with the current petrol prices being high.
  8. I had a few appoach me when I last sold my car.

    I think the scam is:

    1. they charge you insurance to have the vehicle in the sales room
    2. They charge you to detail it on a regular basis.

    Thus there is no incentive for them to sell your vehicle.

    They will probably even encourage you to pu an unrealistically high price on it.
  9. yes I think patience is what I need...

    The silverzz250 I picked out for myself is no longer being advertised on tradingpost.com.au

    I bought the bike for $7,500 with ORC and plan to advertise it for $6,800