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'Selling' the bike to my partner

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' at netrider.net.au started by undii, Mar 8, 2006.

  1. I am giving/selling my (soonish to be) old bike to my partner. The rego is due in 6-7 weeks. She has a current concession card so I was wondering what would be the best options (in regard to $$) for us and the steps involved. I.e sell the bike to her for some price like $1 for less stamp duty or can I just xfer the rego into her name if she lives at same address etc.

    What do people recommend.


  2. hrmm.... probably better off keeping it in your name i'd think.

    sure, she gets cheaper rego, but think of the transfer costs
    $50 for RWC
    $150ish for transfer/stamp duty (you CAN fudge this if you want, but the selling price isn't what its based on, it has to be market value. you pop in $1 and you'll likely end up being fined for it)
    and thats IF everything is A-OK with the bike :?

    i would say better its not worth the hassle, but its up to you really...
  3. yep transfer is based on market value not the arbitary price you actually exchange the bike for.
    as for RWC dont know, we dont do that in Perth.
  4. Ok thanks for that info.. Any one have an idea how much approx rego is with a concession card? She is going to keep the bike 'for as long as possible' as she simply doesn't want anything more than a 250. So trying to judge costs vs savings..

    Thanks once again
  5. its something 75 or 85 :p
    i think 185 not positive. im paying mine soon so could let you know :LOL:

  6. I could be wrong but I seem to recall that there is no concession on solo rego
  7. On the rego thing from vicroads, the back has "Pensioner and health care card concessions" and to prove you are eligible for a concession so I assume that there is some kind of concession for people with these cards.
  8. your WRONG vic WRONG i say :LOL:

    i paid my rego last year on concession :)
  9. i believe with car reg the concession means that you pretty much only end up paying the tac insurance component (which is shown separately on your renewal notice) - so i assume that it would be a similar thing with bikes
  10. Just go to the rego branch together and do the transfer there in fornt of them and in your talking keep on about what a loverly GIFT you are giveing her and how many dishes she will have to do .
    yes you can give it as a gift and only pay a transfer fee

  11. 350 i think
  12. You only need to fill in i) a registration transfer form, ii)have both of you sign a stat dec saying you are domestic/de-facto partners, and iii) give VicRoads $30. No RWC is required.

    That is all it takes to transfer Vic bike rego to a spouse/partner.

    Then when the rego becomes due, it will be in her name and she will save $$ with the concession card. Also note ... with a concession card you can also get a 6 months registration if you prefer, to help stagger the registration costs.
  13. Pretty sure the saving is only on the redgo part which on a 250 is probably not much but better in your pocket than those lovely people at spring street :p :p :p
  14. Based on a GPX250,

    Standard Rego: $332

    Concession amount: $315

    (rego papers arrived today)
  15. hey... how come my rego is more than yours? im on gpx250 - total amount, 366.20
  16. Forget the ''sell' bit. :?

    I sold :? the Yammy to my daughter. Still waiting for payments. Now the bike is sort of tired, I might be able to BUY it back if she can't trade it in. :roll:

    Give it away, at least you will feel better. :LOL:

    ps. You can only get concession on one machine at Vic Roads.

    I get it on the car because it was dearer so saved more. Since extra taxes, I might be wrong.

    Hmmmm. Dad got ripped off again. :twisted:
  17. With a Health Care Card you save 50% of the registration component, with a Pension Card you save 50% of registration and TAC insurance fee.
  18. Every suburb/town has a different insurance rate built into the rego costs....therefore rego varies between difference suburbs depending upon the statistical risks.
  19. Mouth made a post in regards to pricing/postcode at https://netrider.net.au/forums/viewtopic.php?p=171999#171999

    My rego is also $366.20 as I guess we both live near the cbd/city
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