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Selling the 14 for a 12.......??

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' at netrider.net.au started by Rogues, Jul 18, 2011.

  1. Seriously considering selling my 07 GSX1400 after 3 years of faithful service, I've loved her grunt and everyday capabilities


    I've always had an eye for the Kwaka ZX12R ;)


    Now I know its a different riding position but its not as crippling as some so my question is.........
    Does anyone have one that can me a heads-up on what to expect.. or has anyone got any opinions to help me work on the pros and cons of such a move:-s

    Cheers Rogues

  2. I found the ZX12R I rode lacking in low down torque, I know that's not what the motor is tuned for (and it had a stellar top end) but it was REALLY flat feeling down low.

    Enough to put me off the bike altogether... the Hayabusa OTOH had grunt down low and still had a great top end. The Hayabusa had a much more comfortable riding position than the ZX12 as well (not sure if that matters to you or not).

    I'd go out and buy a Hayabusa tommorow if I had a bit more self restraint :)
  3. Are you trying to make cry [MENTION=23799]Rogues[/MENTION]???

    I guess you can't hold onto the 14 forever (I didn't get the choice)so good luck with finding a new home for her, wish it could be mine but I'm not quite there yet but there has been good news on that front. All hail the 14!
  4. the 12 has a very linear power delivery. but i thought it had plenty down low... a good set of brakes and suspension on it too.
  5. a lot less comfort
  6. and you will have to change your avatar. :D
  7. The early ZX12Rs had a bit of a hole down low, I'm told. The later models got a heavier crank and some slight fiddling with the ECU, and then later they added a non-linear throttle because the pickup was a bit abrupt. The last ones were the best.

    The intent was to make a large capacity sports bike. It was meant to be a break from the tradition that sports bikes were middle weights that lacked real go, and big sports-tourer / ultrasports bikes were heavy, soft, flabby old things that had big engines and top speeds. The 12R was meant to have killer power in a real (larger) sports bike chassis. In some ways it succeeded in that, in some, not so good. The ZX14 is the successor to the 12R, and better in most ways.

    You might want to also test ride a hyabusa and a kawabusa. The ZX14 is a nice piece of kit. So is the 'busa for that matter. It's just ugly.
  8. I had a 06 zx12.
    Dont know what 12 zrx1200r was riding but I found the 12 had good low range power.
    The zx12 was the first bike since my old 2 stroke 250's that could wheelstand from a standing start. cant do that on my new gsxr.
    you will have to get used to your right hand falling asleep. only way around it is to lift the bar height.
    the side fairing inserts seem too crack at the screw holes in the 05/06 models
    the pipe is heavy and needs replacing.
    front brakes arent that good, the zx14 is much better
    depending on how you ride a set of tyres will last 9k (I chewed through a rear in 3k once)
    I would get another one but I think that would lead to being single.
  9. It's all relative to how one rides I suspect. The Hayabusa only has 10% higher peak torque at 7000rpm than the ZX12 has at 8000rpm but at 3000rpm the busa has 30% higher torque. The ZX12 has more peak power though.

    I'm talking about the earlier type busa, the figures for the new version will be a bit different, not sure how much.
  10. +1
    I got a good go on a friend's ZX14. VERY nice bike, definately worth a look.
  11. Well, other than the $$ required, the ZX14 looks nice I admit, but it does look more clumbersome to me than a 12....................and the 'Busa, naaah........... I just dont like the look of the thing at all. (no offence to busa pilots)
  12. I owned a ZX-12R for a few years.
    Yes it did lack a bit of power down low but I installed a powercommander and got it tuned. It made a big difference to power down low.
    For comfort I fitted Heli bars which solved my numb hands problem. I did a lot of touring on it, longest trip was 800km in a day and no complaints except for the seat! Seats are very uncomfotable on these bikes, but easily fixed with a change of padding. Fuel consumption was the only gripe I had. I'd average around 6.5L/100km depending on how I rode. If I got a bit excited with the throttle it would quickly climb to 7.5. Also it runs on PULP or better.

    I ended up selling it to my brother after 50,000 trouble free kays and bought a hayabusa.

    In comparison, the hayabusa feels like you're sitting in the bike vs on top of the bike feel of the ZX12R. Power wise the busa has a heap more low down power, but up top I have to say the 12 was a bit quicker.
    As far as brakes go, the hayabusa has to have the worst brakes ever!! I nearly crashed it the first time I rode it. I used to complain about the brakes on the 12 but in comparison they are miles ahead of the busa.
    Fuel consumption is better on the busa. I averaged 5.4L/100km and it did get much worse if I rode it hard. I'm using past tense as the valves burnt out and I'm halfway through rebuilding the engine :(

    I much prefer the busa but value for money it's really hard to beat the 12.
    Hope this helps somewhat.