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selling sex on the internet

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by Blodders, Sep 21, 2007.

  1. came across this on another site
    hahaha geeks sell their bodies for WOW money HAHAHA


    on a similar note
    my little sister tried to sell her virginity on Ebay turns out there isn't much of a market for second hand virginity's
  2. Lol... I like her sign off comment - "I got laid which is more than most of you failures can ever hope for".

    It's good to see a win-win scenario for a change.
  3. :rofl: best laugh of the day - thanks blodders :)
  4. Holy Crap :shock: :LOL:

    Now I have just one question? .................................

    What are you doing trawling through these sites Bodders?

    Didn't you have enough gold :LOL: :LOL: :LOL: :p
  5. are there courses on how to become nerd-gamers? :eek: :LOL: :bolt:
  6. got laid twice didn't i ;)
  7. DUDE,

    :shock: :shock: :shock: :shock: :shock:

    If I had WOW gold to trade,
    not likely.
    There must be better elves,
    like this one.


    Liv Tyler,
    f yeah,
    sorry got carried away,
    I wish.

    "I got laid twice"
    Your cousin does not count.
  8. Haha good for her. Normally this stuff makes me question humanity as a whole, but her second post was great :LOL:.
  9. If the first elf was 5000 gold then this one would be 20000 gold (even if it'd be worth it they probably wouldn't have 20000 gold) :LOL:
  10. Normally in this situation you'd be saying, wow, that person needs to get laid..

  11. role playing? isnt that a game of some sort that d&d nerds are into?

    i wonder what that uniform of hers was.

    did she get laid 280% faster?

    the funny thing is, what she put herself up for could have been disasterious [or maybe it was but she doesnt know any better :LOL: ]
  12. She probably had the choice of dozens of guys eager to give their virtual gold for real sex. As such, if she chose the wrong one that's her fault.

    If you think about it, it's no worse than RSVP really* in that you get to see pictures of the person before hand and at least you know that they share a common interest with you.

    *except for the total humiliation of your picture being spread around the world offering sexual favours to get ahead in a pointless computer game.
  13. baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahahahaha

    i have a few mates who play WOW. im a SoF2 bloke myself. i dont really see the point in constantly PAYING to play an online game, so ive never bothered with it :LOL: but omfg, im gonna be having some good laughs showing the boys when i speak to em later.

    lol wow she got laid, twice. sounds like it was the first time in a whiile :LOL:
  14. ANd she made the poor guy wait a few days between wow-pows... (or should that be pow-wows)
  15. here's an inside look at the mating ritual they had;

    him 'now i already gave u an 'epic mount' so no complaining ok'

    her 'yes sir, anything you say sir, right away sir'

    him ' i love your software'

    her 'opening port hole'

    him 'installing new hardware'

    her 'new hard ware not recognised..searching..searching, not recognised'

    him 'hardtware up date'

    her 'recognised! recognised!'
  16. Tinks, you need to get out a bit more. May I suggest a trip to Qld.
  17. Hahahahahahaha GOLD !!

    Yeah... i have the same questions Tinkerbell... :? :shock: :LOL:
  18. Don't be knocking RSVP. It's how Mrs Tree and I met. It's a long story...
  19. LMAO - classic.