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Selling my bike online options?

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Motobecane51, Jun 15, 2015.

  1. Hi fellow riders

    I will be selling my near new scooter in a couple of month and is researching where to advertise the sale. Of course I would be prefer free websites like Gumtree but would not mind spending a bit of money to sell if need be.

    So far I have come up with the following list:



    Are there any other website I should add to the list?

    I have never sold a bike and I am intending advertise my bike on the 2 free website first to see the response. If after 2 weeks I have no success I will advertise on Ebay and either Bikesales or Bikepoint.

    Please give me your thoughts of that 'strategy'?


    Motobecane 51
  2. Bikesales is free, I used a combination of Bikesales and Gumtree. I'd say ebay isn't really worth the hassle. Also post it on here :)
  3. I just sold a bike on bike sales and I paid for it......
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  4. I stand corrected.. I'd say it's worth it as over half of the 8 buyers I had contact me came from bikesales
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  5. I'd avoid gumtree; to many low lives who will tyrekick, haggle unrealistically and try to scam you.
    Pay the extra on bikesales and you attract a slightly better audience and quite possible a better final price.
  6. Almost anyone looking for a bike will trawl Biksesales and they own Bikepoint too, so all the ads appear on both.

    eBay, the theiving fcukers charge the same flat fee for vehicles as Bikesales do, because they can't get away with the BS 9.9% they charge on the other categories because there is competition.

    eBay and Gumtree is where all the tyre kickers looking to buy everything for peanuts hang out, and you will perhaps get many ridiculous offers and time wasters, but Bikesales, whilst there are still time wasters who don't show up to view after making an appointment with you etc will have people looking for bikes only, where eBay and Gumtree has all the people looking to buy anything they can that they think they can flip for a quick profit.

    One other downside to Feebay, is that the buyers there will want to pay with Paypal, thinking they will have some buyer protection if the wheels fall off the bike a month after they buy it, and Paypal will slug you a further fee to accept a payment through them. My advice on that front is do not let the bike out of your custody until you have transferred the funds out of Paypal and it is showing in your bank account.

    Listing on eBay, Bikesales and Gumtree all at once can't hurt, but most buyers will be looking at all 3 anyway.
  7. Bikesales. And here just in case one of us likes it....

    Forget the rest.
  8. I normally advertise on both gumtree and bikesales so far it has been 50/50 on which source the buyer comes from. I'd say if the bike is priced competitively and less than $3k you'd sell it easily on gumtree.

    Also isn't it $10 for premium membership to sell a bike on netrider?
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  9. Correct, Bike sales listing is only open to premium members, others can respond/answer.
  10. Just my 2 cents...
    Don't bother advertising on anywhere other than Bikesales. I just bought a bike and only trusted Bikesales as it shows the seller is both serious and more often than not of higher quality. It is far more trustworthy and if you're keen on getting a quick sale, chuck in a bunch of photos from every angle, and add a really nicely written description, it really helps.
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  11. Bike sales is the go .Dont forget never ridden in the rain or raced lol
  12. As you are in Sydney this may not be applicable, but where I am there are local Facebook groups for buy and sell. It means you know you won't have to travel too far to look at whatever it is you want to buy. Might be worth a look?
  13. ^^ like the last poster said - look for a facebook group. But I also recently sold and bought a bike on gumtree. For the one I sold I had pretty regular texts asking me (sight unseen) if I would sell for $1-2k less than I was asking. I'd usually just reply with "no" and that'd be it.

    You quickly get a feel for who's serious and who's not, and I found it'd be worth calling the ones who seemed a bit serious if we'd already had a few backwards and forwards texts.

    I had mine advertised on gumtree, ebay, bikesales and bikepoint and got some hits from all of them but it was the gumtree site that came off.

    This time of year you might have to bide your time because there's less buyers and more sellers in winter. And with gumtree there's nothing wrong with pulling off and then reposting an add so it doesn't fall off the front page of search results.

    Ignore trolls and anyone who wants you to reply by email to a gumtree add - they have warnings on the site for sellers about that.
  14. Ebay drives me mad. I 'watch' a number of bikes for various reasons, market value, collector interest, just plain nosey and then all you get is 'Reserve not met', 'Reserve not met', 'Reserve not met', 'Reserve not met'.
    FFS. Set the start bid at your bottom reserve value if you're serious about selling and if you get more than that for it then happy days! If you don't get a bid it's too dear.
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  15. Never ridden in rain because seller can't ride or has no skills.
  16. I didn't think many use the TradingPost anymore. It used to be the buyers and sellers bible before the interwebs..
  17. It is far from as popular as it used to be but they still have over 3,000 bikes listed which puts it well ahead of Ebay but still well behind Bikesales/Bikepoint.