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TAS Selling Gxsr 750 to "L"??

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by luvmyzed, Feb 24, 2009.

  1. Just curious guys & girls :) particularly to those who work/sell bikes......
    I am a trainer down here in Tassie for the provider of motorbike training & recently had a guy attend his "L"s course, turning up on his Gxsr 750 :shock: :shock:
    The question being "How the hell was he able to buy & ride the bike away from the dealer????"

    When I quietly informed him that 1/ he is breaking the law, not being licenced but 2/ the insurance companines would have a field day whipping his arse, he just shrugged & said "maybe I'll put it in the shed until I am licenced then!" Yeah sure! :p

  2. You don't need a license to buy a bike, dealers couldn't give a crap who they sell it to as long as its $. And theres no legal issues there either, they can buy just can't ride.
  3. Hmm......I thnk the guy is both very brave and very stupid.

    Not so much for riding a powerfull bike on L's, but how long is he going to get away with that before the cops pick him up.
  4. Edgelett bought her famous Hornet long before she was allowed to ride it. But she kept it in the shed will she could.

    Phiz is right; the law is an ass for making it legal for the dealer to sell it, but illegal for the rider to be able to ride it....
  5. He is an Un-rider & represents highly in the crash data, from what I have heard.

    You can buy many things that you aren't allowed to use, it's all about the dollar baby! :grin:
  6. Pfft.

    What if you want to buy a track bike but dont have a licence for whatever reason? There is nothing wrong with anyone selling a bike to an L plater if they are not allowed to ride it on the road.

    It shouldn't be a dealer/seller's responsibility to police licensing laws. You buy a bike, you take on the responsibility of what you do with it.
  7. Well to start with, as far as I know, you cannot ride at a track day without either a current full license or a comp license. And surely you need to furnish license details for registration of a bike you buy? (I assume this drongo turned up to the L session on the bike, registered?) Not to mention the furnishing of a valid license should have been some part of the purchase process???

  8. This.

    It's like when you buy a car, some states (don't know if it's all yet) have power to weight ratio laws for p platers. The dealer can sell them anything the buyer can afford.
  9. You can buy, register and insure a bike you are not legally allowed to ride, instead of suggesting the onus should be on bike shops and anyone selling a second hand bike to police this, why not just not allow them to register it?

    I can see how this might be a problem for people trying to do the right thing too, I got my bike 6 weeks before I had an unrestricted licence and if I was not allowed to transfer the rego I would have been up for another RWC.

    We are all adults, let people make there own decisions, good or bad they are the ones that will have to deal with the consequences it not us.
  10. Done at about a dozen track days in NSW and havn't had to show my license. All these were done on my restrictions and one of the days I rode a ZX6. So track days have nothing to do with being able have a road license.

    But that's not the main point I was trying to make. People, as in riders, should take responsibility for their own actions. Right, wrong or otherwise, it should not be up to someone else with no statutory power to control and examine every decision you make.

    If someone wants to ride a GSXR on the L's fine, but they should also be prepared to deal with the consequences.
  11. You can legally buy a bong too.....
  12. It doesn't surprise me that some people do this... I was at a dealer looking for a 250 (QLD) not long ago, and the sales guy brought up the "option" of getting a 600 and riding it uninsured and unlicensed.

    Bloody stupid.
  13. Not in some states.
  14. meh I don't see how you can blame the dealer.

    If this guy has his L's, its his responsibility to know the rules and regulations. The dealer probably should have told him, but whatever.
  15. Agree as per above - it is the riders responsibility - he will learn the hard way when the cops pull him up, or wants to lodge an insurance claim.

    @ OP ( luvmyzed ) - you guys and gal do an awesome job up at Penguin - hope to see you in May when i go for my P's :)
  16. you cannot insure a bike you are not legally allowed to ride..
    however you can buy and register it with just a car license..

    but... if you need to finance the purchase, you are screwed as these days finance companies want to see your license and you need insurance..
  17. you can insure it, they just wont pay you if you arent allowed to ride it & crashed it.
  18. I think you'll find that you can insure a bike you are not legally allowed to ride, when you make a claim is where all the problems will start.
  19. This guy must have had finance for this bike as he was only 19 and the bike was brand new!!!!!!!!!! Most guys at that age don't have the $$$$$ like that to buy in cash. So "someone" must have insured it for him!
    I tried to explain the ramifications of his choice to ride.......but he "knew" better :roll:

    What do ya do???????? :eek:
  20. I know people that owned their own home at 19. I went to school in an area that most 18 yr olds were driving around in bmw's and porsche's.

    You do nothing - he is an adult - he can make his own choices.