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Selling blade to get a zx10r SE

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' at netrider.net.au started by sayonade2K, Jan 25, 2008.

  1. Hi all, thinking about selling my 1000rr blade 05 model to get a new 2007 ninja zx10r SE before they make way for the ugly 08 model. Got a brief test ride for 10 mins on a friend of friend of a friends 10r a few weeks ago but couldnt really push it. I loved the look and the instrument panel. Just wondering why I dont see many around, I know the stylings not suited to everyone but I should still atleast one in the swarm of r1's and gixxers these days. My commute is only 5 minutes to work so the 'track' ofocus doesnt really phase me for city driving. Anyone who owns one I would GREATLY appreciate your input.

    Thanks all.
  2. Either bambam101 or MG will be able to give you a hand, they are both mad ZX-10 riders :) , I'm sure they will be along in a minute, or just shoot em a pm for their opinions
  3. Check this thread. Heaps of info in there amongst the drivel between MG and myself.


    Get one.

    Or wait till youve seen the 08 in the flesh and ridden it. If you still dont like it, the 07 will only be cheaper by then as dealers will be wanting to offload the old stock.

    I got the SE but theres nothing special about it apart from some fancy flames and stickers.

    Dont know why there arent more of them around to be honest. Power wise it will eat your CBR for breakfast, probably wont stop as well as your CBR tho. Some people dont like the big undertail pipes but ultimately, its a personal preference. Basically, the bike is an absolute powerhouse and pulls like a 15yo schoolboy.
  4. Really, it goes hard for 30secs, then loses fluids everywhere, and runs out of puff...........

    I gave the ZX10 more credit than that. :?
  5. Initial tests of the 08 model say its got more power and is a mean machine. The 07 would be good to get at the cheaper prices.
  6. 30 seconds is more than enough to hit top speed bud.

    Didnt you know that most 15yo school boys are FULL TIME wankers these days. All day, everyday. :LOL:
  7. Thanks, do you mind me asking how much you paid for urs bambam_101?
    Ive been quoted about $16500 ride away over the phone. Theres a sweet traded -in at PS city atm with akra cans and tail tidy for $16490. Personally, I love the underseat exhausts, also makes a nice seat warmer for my GF :)
    How is the heat dispersion? My main gripe with the blade is after 10 mins of slow riding, the engine shoots up to 110 degrees then the fan blows the heat onto my right leg. Never had that on the gsxr750.
  8. $16500 is pretty exy for a used model. Akras or not, id be buying new at that price. Akras can be had for around $1100 from ebay. I paid $16300 onroad for mine in june last year. (think it was june)

    Yeah they do get hot between the legs on a warm day. Only notice it at the lights tho. Pillion heat wont be a problem as the cans dont actually get that hot, there is more heat coming from the pipes between the cat and the mufflers.

    Oh, black is a biatch to keep clean. A REAL biatch. Especially when you start putting polished bits and pieces on her.....
  9. Yeah I got a black and silver blade and had black gsxr750. I dont think ill ever get any other color bike. Except for a red duke :)
    Whereabouts did you get ur ninja from? I think im gonna head over to Ringwood kwaka as they were pretty nice and informative over the phone, even invited me a test ride and whatnot. Im gonna steer clear from cosways, was in there oogling their display 10r for a good 20 mins and no assistance, although my friend from Peter Stevens is moving over in the next week so maybe if he can get me a deal ill go back.
    Interested in getting these:
    Are these what you have on yours bambam_101?
  10. Common problem with all the under-tail 1000 cc players. My R1 does exactly the same thing. They are not designed to idle in traffic.

    Bam 101 is spot on. For a good price wait until the 08 model hype is over (about 3 months) and when It's Winter again.

    Second hand 07 model will trade in about 11k (no joke) and re-sold around $15. You can probably negotiate down to $13 and a halfish.

    The new toy looks the goods, and I'm certianly looking at it. But the extra ponies and peformance are irrelevant unless your a great rider, and using it on the track.
  11. They are the cans i got for mine although i got Titanium. Didnt like the look of carbon ones. Same company i got mine from too. Highly recommended.

    If you go to ringwood kawasaki, speak to Scott there. He looked after me on my bike when he was at Ferntree Gully.

    If going to Ferntree Gully Kawasaki, speak to Steve there. Another good bloke.

    alternatively, gimme $16000 and you can have mine......