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Selling bikes - buyer agent scam revisited

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by mjt57, Jan 9, 2010.

  1. In the past there have been discussions about sellers being approached by potential buyers from overseas and offering to use an "agent" to conclude the purchase. I read these stories with detached interest as they're the sort that "happen to other people".

    Yesterday a mate of mine got an email, purportedly from someone in the UK expressing an interest in his Harley that he has for sale.

    He told me about it and said that not only did it sound suss, but it stank to high heaven. I told him about what I read and that if he were to follow it up that he'd lose his Harley.

    Unfortunately he used his work email address as a contact point. So, leading these scam artists on is not an option, unfortunately. But I did say that on the off-chance that it's a legitimate enquiry, to arrange to meet the agent at a local bike shop and that any transactions be done such that the full purchase price is sitting safely in his account before he releases the bike.

    I think that he'll let it slide.
  2. Unless your getting Australian cash in your hand when you sell it, don't do it. Especially don't let them pay using pay pal. They use stolen credit cards, then you think you have the money, they take the bike, then the popo come to you and you lose the money and then have nothing...
  3. I had a similar thing happen to me when I was selling my car. Got an e-mail from a guy in the UK who wanted to ship it to South Africa and whether we would accept a cheque. Simple e-mail back saying we'd only accept cash at pickup solved everything, never heard anything anymore.
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  4. I would'nt have thought Australians fall for scams that much as we are way to tight with our money.
    I get supprised when you hear of Aussies in cults in other countries i was sure we were not stupid enough to be taken in.
  5. He wouldnt loose his bike, the UK ones usually end in a fake email from pay pay saying you need to pay the $500 you owe to have the $5000 that is waiting to clear when you pay the owed amount. Then they say give a western union money transfer reciept code to the buyer so he can pass it on to them (then he takes it to WU and gets the money and buggers off) .. you still keep you bike buy minus money..

    Most if not all of these scams work on greed, if your not greedy you wont be blinded by a large offer.
  6. Yep, exactly what they tried on me.... 7 TIMES!!!!
    I had lots of fun writing back with the weirdest demands and requests.
    Took them on real F#%k-you runaround.

  7. Something that I would like to share... I posted my bike on a common bike sales website and I got an inquiry asking for the mechanical condition of the 'car'. After responding back to the best of my knowledge of my bike, I got a reply saying that she is willing to offer +200 more than what is stated, was in a oil rig, wanting to buy 'car' for dad, but wanted my paypal account email so her 'agent' can organise the collection and payment.

    I actually SMS'ed the number that was given to me earlier in the inquiry, and the recipient advised me I got the wrong number. Interesting.
  8. Buddy 5 of the 7 scams they tried was this EXACT one!
    Wow!....these pieces of shit just don't stop ](*,)
    Oh well. Human beings wasting their lives...THERE'S something new.
  9. Well they do make money with these scams, believe it or not there are even people on NR that have fallen for it, putting deposits on non existent bikes because of the awesome condition and even better price.

    Follow my rules
    If its too good to be true, it probably isn't.
    DON'T FOLLOW YOUR GREED! (that's how they suck you in)
  10. But then again, it most likely is (Oh, and its should be it's - Hey, if you are laying down rules then they should at least be grammatically correct) :)
  11. Emails From my previous experience - My asking price was $5,000.00!!!!!

    Hello,is this bike still available?
    Await your response,

    Ok, yes it is!!

    I will like to purchase it. Can i pay you $10,100 for it? i will be paying you with my credit card via my PayPal account,If my offer is accepted send me your email with PayPal including your phone # so i can pay in right away.I am a sailor and do not have much time around me.
    Hope its working perfectly and i hope its condition is ok?Make sure you get back to me so that we can arrange for pick up as i will like the item to be picked,so no shipping included.
    I await your reply.


    After a few common question's -

    Don't worry about the seeing or the pick up,my shipping agent will be coming to pick it up.I'll like you to send me your address so that my shipping agent can figure it out and come for the pick up and other necessary things....more so,send me your PayPal details(PayPal email) so i can pay in.

    Await your response.


    Your Agent would'nt know his elbow from his arsehole..Stop wasting my f*****g time!!
    Then I recieve -

    Hello,is this bike still available?
    Await your response.

    Anyone notice a similarity here??! hahaha..
    Maybe Den and Cole share a room on the S.S Suck me Off!
  12. Gee sailors must love bikes.

    Ben from HMAS Troy Cassar Daley was after mine. Tight@rse didn't offer me above asking price though, so I simply deleted his email.
  13. WOW!!!... i thought it was just little old grannies that get done by these.:-s
    I truly lament anyone's misfortune on one of these.
  14. Classic, got one of these a few days ago....sounded suspect after a few mails back and forth.
  15. The alarm bell should go off the moment the buyer proposes to pay without actually seeing the vehicle.
  16. But it doesn't... people still get sucked in.
  17. they wanted to buy my mates bus and get it shipped to england.. :)
  18. actually, ive had interstate buyers purchase vehicles without looking at them. each time they got someone else to pick it up for them & ride it back. One person got a shop to do a mechanical inspection and the other just asked me for a video of it running.

    both times i said it wasnt going anywhere unless they paid cash, which the agent then brought with them when we signed the papers.

    if they dont want to pay with either a bank cheque or cash then its dodgy.
  19. And even bank cheques can be faked!