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Selling bikes - anyone else with no interest?

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by waffles, Jun 3, 2010.

  1. So, I've been trying to sell my bike because I don't use it enough at all, and can't seem to get any interest at all...

    When I listed it it was among the cheaper ones (and still is), has low kays, has a bunch of rego and some upgrades (like suspension).

    I have had one email about the bike, that went nowhere and nothing else...

    Is it because its becoming winter, the economy, or just me?
  2. All of the above.
  3. If it's the zx9, I'd say the frame colour probably has something to do with it :)
  4. Good mate of mine hasn't had a single enquiry about his blackbird in the past two months.

    Not a good time to be selling.
  5. If you want my random opinion, it looks like it might have been painted that way to disguise crash damage or repair.
    Just sayin'.

    It's not the latest, greatest thing, despite being a better bike than people think.
  6. It is, and yeah, I thought that might not help...

    But still no enquiries at all...

    but as quaterwit says... I'm not the only one, which is the feeling I was getting.
  7. Your opinion is welcome. and it has been repaired, the guy who had it before me wiped one side on a track, and fixed it.
  8. I had heaps of inquires on mine over the last 3 months its just people wanted it for nothing some of the offers people tried to make me were ridiculous -

    In the end it was sold twice - once by a scammer for a sum under $4000 to a guy that sent his money overseas via western union

    And once by me for what i wanted for it

    The police also came to my place today to see me and check if I am or was the owner of the bike as they are investigating the scam
  9. Same all over not just bikes. Good time to be a buyer.
  10. might be a buyers market, but some people are straight outing too much for their bikes.
    Saw one a few weeks back, about 15 years old. Sure it was in good condition with low k's, but the asking price was only something like $1400 below what it sold for when new. See that mostly with lams bikes, owners selling for miles more than they're worth
  11. I'm selling my bike, it's probably one the cheapest examples on bikesales of it's kind, nothing wrong with it at all, normally would be a great buy.
    I've had 6 Nigerian scam enquiries, one stupidly low offer, and one real offer that will probably go through.
    I think it's a combination of shitty weather, going into winter, lots of broke people. It's just a bad time to be selling.
    Fantastic time to buying though I'd guess, though I think people are also unrealistic about what they can get for their bikes, so people seem to be happy holding on to them forever.
  12. I'm in the market atm and I can vouch for it being a great time to be buying. The whole reason why I haven't bought yet is entirely because there are so many good deals that I've found. I'm not buying something unless its on my terms. I don't offer stupidly low but I'm not stopping my search until I find something that I deem valuable for the amount paid. My last bike I paid more for in the hopes of avoiding any problems (rookie mistake) and ended up with a problem that was virtually unfixable unless I wanted to throw tonnes of money at it due to it being an electrical issue.

    If i'm going to be put into a situation like that again, I at least want it to feel like it happened because I got a bargain. Its a dangerous market for both buyer and seller. The risk for the seller is enormous before the machine sells but as soon as the money changes hands, the buyer loses any protection that he had before the sale. No one gets my money until I get what I want.

    The problem that people are having trying to sell bikes is what concerns me when buying but IMO its a seasonal thing. There might be a small spike in sales after tax time then the big spike comes around christmas with a slight drop after due to cash splurges during this period.
  13. Interesting. I'm selling mine at the moment and have had a fair bit of interest (including one PayPal scammer), it's in good nick, has been tastefully modified, and I'm asking a fair price for it though, so I suppose those things help.

    Also, instead of asking for a few hundred over what I'd actually accept for the bike (so people can think they're negotiating me down). I'm asking for what I consider a fair amount for the bike. This brings the price down below most of the 'competing' bikes for sale, and makes it a bit more attractive I suppose. I intend to stand firm on the price though.
  14. Does your bikes price reflect redbook at all? Some people think there bikes are worth way too much.
  15. Bought all my bikes so far either in Autumn or Winter...so 3 haha.

    It really is a buyers market in the colder months, people get stuff out of the shed so they can spend time in there instead of outside in the freezing cold, they decide they don't want to ride through the winter and would rather buy a big new TV or treat the family to a holiday.

    Meanwhile, I sit here having just 'bought' a CBR250R for a case of beer and a bottle of rum. Is that the most Australia purchse ever or what? Pure gold.

    Definitely. I've seen some nice older stuff going for a song (what its worth without sentimentality) and newer stuff being sold for perhaps 30% more than is reasonable. 4k for a thrashed '94 GSXR600 that 'uses oil'? Tell him he's dreamin'.

    - boingk
  16. I bought my bike a couple months ago for 7k, its 7 years newer and has half the k's for a measly $1500 more and has never been crashed.

    which one would you buy? :/
  17. If it's the bike I think it is....then said bike was on the market for sale by the previous owner for a long, loooooong time before you bought it, and I even think you're asking more for it? The economy meanwhile, is now worse.
  18. I'm in the market looking for a new ride...

    I sold my vtr250 within a month of advertising it; I had a fair few enquiries... but its a LAMS and as we all know LAMS are always in demand.

    So far I've noticed a large number of sellers with asking prices too close to the new price for a bike 6 or so years old, many people seem to advertise WELL above what their bikes are really worth.

    The best deals I've found are in the very 'crowded' markets such as R1s and CBR600RR, CBR1000RR where there are just so many for sale that competition between seller's must be key.
  19. Exactly. I knew my bike wouldn't get me what I wanted, so advertised it a few hundred dollars above its reasonable selling point. Low and behold, come bargaining time, they whittled me back to what I expected the market to bear.

    Knowing where to advertise is a big point as well. eBay will attract bargain hunters and die-hards, bikepoint I ignore, and local shops are worth an ask to put a printed page up on the board or window...they type with a quick run-down, photo and tear-off tags with your number on it.

    - boingk
  20. I wasn't really refering to my bike specifically, but more at the market in general.

    And after getting no responses in a how ever long it has been for sale, 2 responses in one day.... both paypal scammers...

    to answer some questions referring to the bike:

    fangsta: asking is below the low private price guide on redbook by $600

    Snowman: still the 9, its a totally different sort of bike, and I;m not a huge fan of the 6, but I see your point.

    TheYak: probably the same bike, it was unregistered and had a couple of issues (tyres, chain, sprockets) when I got it, all of these got fixed, so even if I sell it at what I'm asking, I'm loosing money... I do see your point though.

    Boingk: two things, one, a case and a bottle of rum? I want a bike that cheap! and two, the notice in public places option may be a good one.