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Selling bike question?

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' at netrider.net.au started by ziku1, Aug 10, 2009.

  1. Not sure if this is the right section- but im currently on my red Ps and selling my hyosung 250 inorder to upgrade when i get my full license.

    unfortunately i lost my rego papers from the back of the bike and in my haste to start riding never got around to going rta to transfer the bike into my name when i first got it, even though the previous owner put in a notice of disposal and put in my details as far as i was aware. ( i assumed the papers would be sent from the rta to me)

    so i have technically been riding a bike that was not registered to me for the past 18 months.

    the bikes rego finished 2 days ago according to the rta site records.

    I was wondering how i would now go about selling this bike.
    inorder for me to get a pink slip will it have to be registered under my name or the new owners name ( can i transfer the bike to the new owner without a pink slip).

    i really need some help- those stupid mistakes in the beginning are a becoming a huge headache now.

    ps. i am in nsw and i have a handwritten docket from when i bought it from the seller.
  2. You are saying that you have been riding a bike that someone else can be held libel for third party damages in case of an accident for 18 months??
    I guess that also means that you haven't even had third party property insurance on it!!!
    Glad I wasn't the person who sold it to you..
    FFS go to rta with your bill of sale (hand written note) and transfer it into your name, pay the transfer fee and stamp duty. Then get pink slip and try to sell. You will probably cop a small fine for not transferring it sooner unless things have changed since I lived in nsw.
  3. You might have to just face up to the RTA. If they took your details for the disposal notice, chances are they could chase you up. Just be prepared for some hefty fees for late transfer and probably alot of proving that you really own the bike... We all know what the RTA are like!

    I forget what the fee for late transfer is, but i think it's not far off the triple digits...
  4. really dumb.

    your going to have a hard time getting this sorted.

    goto the RTA and discuss with them.
  5. EYy man I actually did exactly the same thing, on exactly the same type of bike earlier this year. Purchased a hyosung gt250r about 2 years ago off a friend of a friend. Being young, inexpierienced and lazy as well i never worried about transfering it into my name until it came time to renew rego. Luckily i still had the guys contact details and he was nice enuff to meet me and sign the transfer papers again and i toook it down to vic roads and got the bike transfered.

    If i were u i would
    1. try and contact the guy you bought the bike off and ask him very kindly if he would meet u and resign the transfer papers.
    2. probably go to the rta or whateva it is and just confess.

    Theres always ways around these things might be a hassel but a lesson learnt
  6. Eh? Rego is for one year, you have been riding for 18 months and yet the rego has only just expired?? So how did you manage to renew the rego 12 months ago?
  7. That was my question before I found this post :LOL:
  8. +1

    The fee for transfering into your name after 14 days of purchase is $97 (my gf's brother just paid it). Could be bigger for 18 months? We know the RTA like to add in fee's where possible.
  9. The previous owner is going to be pi$$ed, especially if he's copped any parking tickets or speeding fines in the last 18 months.

    The RTA will be pi$$ed because it's a mess.

    And the fine is essentially for tax evasion, which avoiding stamp duty essentially is.
  10. Like the three previous posters I'd like to know how the OP got around on a bike that was unregistered according to their version of events. If the rego label/bill came to them in the mail then the bike is registered to them as far as I'm aware.
  11. its not hard riding round on an unregistered bike and not getting caught....as long as u dont break an road rules and dont get pulled over by any cops then u can generally get by. Not for 1 second am i saying its the right thing to do coz its wrong but just making the point that if ur bike is unregistered its quite unlikley u will get pulled over.

    My mates mum got away with driving an unregistered car for 4 years! Finally got caught when she was sitting at the traffic lights and and off duty policeman on a bycycle pulled up next to her, happened to glance down at her rego sticker and pinged her lol true story!

    The major risk with driving unregistered is that if u are involdved in an accident and the other party gets injured, your liable for all their medical costs caused by the injury until the day they die! Something to think about...
  12. probably shoudlve been clearer. i got my license 18 months ago, and bike few months later. and im assuming i didnt get the renewal letter becuase its not registered to me.

    previous owner and i still have each others contact details so im assuming i havent been booked for anything yet.

    i went to the rta the other day and the lady behind the counter said it might be easier just transferring it over the new owner asif he was the original purchaser so i wont have to transfer it into my name since i no longer use it.

    right now its feeling like its easier just to sell it for parts and look forward to the next bike.

  13. failing to transfer your rego is an offence and incurs a $79 on the spot fine. depending how long you haven't transfered it for and goes to court your looking at up to $2200 fine.

    a late fee of at least $93 if the vehicle is not transfered within 14 days. so if it was only a few days or are lucky you might get away with the late fee charge, unless they also fine you the $79
  14. Lucky you weren't picked up by cops.