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Selling bike: My collection of scam letters so far

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by zoidbergs, Jul 2, 2010.

  1. I am selling my bike and bike lovers from different walks of life contacting me: oil rig workers, oceanographers, doctors on a mission in Afghanistan, marine engineers.. list goes on.
    And all of them use PayPal for purchasing the bike. Not one of them ever offered cash or bank transfer or Western Union.
    And it seems that something wrong with their internet connection. After I reply saying I accept only cash I never hear from them again.
    Must be a really irregular internet on oil rig in Afghanistan.

    I know there is another thread about scammers contacting you when you sell a bike. I got so many in just one month it's time to publish them as dedicated thread.

    robben smith <robbensmith2007@gmail.com>

    Elijah Wood <woodelijah74@yahoo.com>
    Martha Goodluck <martha.goodluck@yahoo.com>

    Justin Cole <justincole247@gmail.com>

    David Harvey <davidharvey@hotmail.com.au>

    Chris Heffer <heffer_chris@yahoo.com>

    Dean Gilbert <dean_gilbert@hotmail.com.au>

    Craig Wood <craaigwoood901@yahoo.com>

    Duncan Gray <duncangray04@gmail.com>

    Luis Graham <luisgraham9089@hotmail.com>

  2. LOL! :rofl: Elijah Wood!
  3. Holy monkey-nuts. That's insane.

    Can't people just say they won't accept Paypal or other online payments on their ad?
  4. I'd never ever accept payment for something worth more than $100 over Paypal. All of the 'buyer protection' just equates to 0 'seller protection'... Boy have I had/heard my share of horror stories.
  5. and they do. and still get scammers.
  6. So they have access to email and Pay pal but not their bank accounts.so what do they do with your paypal account?
  7. Interesting reading....This might be a naive question but what's with the whole must pay via PayPal thing? Are PayPal accounts easy to setup with a dodgy credit card? Do they contest that the purchase ever happened and ask for a refund or something?
  8. OP, thanks for sharing.

    are you forwarding these to paypal, bikesales, accc, etc? if not, please do.
  9. This really sucks you know... because i *DO* actually work out at sea... and the day i tried to buy a boat - not as a gift, but for myself, said i would pay via paypal as the seller had preferred in his listing (fleabay), after a mate had come over and taken a look, taken it for a test run as was offered in the listing, provided my numbers, his, etc... i got reported as a scammer ](*,)!

    edit: it got sorted out, but he had already sold on the boat... oh well.
  10. There's no way of forwarding anything to PayPal or Bikesales. They have "contact us" forms where you can type some text. There is no contact email where you can forward the correspondence. And whenever I tried to use their contact forms there's no answer ever.

    There is no police force to deal with that either. There's nothing to go on for the police. No case.
  11. After you give them your PayPal id They send you email that looks like coming form PayPal, with PayPal logo and everything. it says that transfer has been made.

    Then the next day scammer emails you asking to send money by Western Union to their agent who will organize the delivery. Supposedly some people fall for that and send their own money to scammer.

    I posted Full story in this thread: https://netrider.net.au/forums/showpost.php?p=1966656&postcount=24
  12. My brother was selling his 08 r1 on fleebay and got pretty much all the same messages.
  13. Interesting....I've often wondered how the scam worked or how much it was really happening.

    Thanks for posting it up.
  14. put a camera up on ebay last week same story just can`t be bothered with ebay any more just too many scams
  15. I'm going though the same thing at the moment...i end up just forwarding the scammers an email from another scammer....and surprise! No reply.

    One thing that does annoy me more though, is people texting you, offering a ridiculously low price for your bike. I kinda find it a bit rude. Have some balls, at least right your name. And if they dont want to cough up the cash for a good bike, they should just find themselves a nice hyosung =P~
  16. Just text them back saying OK, its yours. Give an address a few houses down the street, then sit back and watch them waste their time.....
  17. Not true. Forward too spoof@paypal.com or spoof@ebay.com as required.
  18. [​IMG]He said spoof :D
  19. These scams are all around.
    I even got the same sort of emails when I advertised for a boarder!!
  20. For bikesales I only listed my number, not email. Didnt get any scam emails at all. Also make a point of calling people rather than emailing them.