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Selling an unregistered bike

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by SydMurse, Nov 10, 2014.

  1. First I would like to apologize if this is in the wrong forum. Second, I would like to thank you in advance.

    My particular problem is that I am the first owner of a motorbike that I purchased in another state than I am in now (WA to NSW), and after moving locations, I stopped riding this particular bike as I found it wasnt really suitable in the city. Anyway, its been hanging around for the last few years and the WA registration has well and truly lapsed because I have no idea how I can go about selling it. So its currently unregistered.

    To make matters worse, I have made modifications, such as a new exhaust, which could make registration problematic.

    My questions really are:
    Is it best to sell it at a very low price "as is" just to have it gone or try to get it registered for a slightly higher profit? (really, I just want it gone).

    If its the former option, do I sell it with just a document I've wrote stating that I have changed ownership if its unregistered?

    Any help is appreciate, I apologize if this is a bit of a clusterf*** of information and questions.
  2. What is it and how much you want?

    Selling unreg is easier - just write out a receipt for the buyer detailing vin etc and purchase price should be sufficient
  3. I would say a registered bike is prob going to sell quicker obviously depending on price as some people couldn't be stuffed going through the whole inspection thing. Whether or not u get the $ back that it cost u to register is a gamble. Whenever I was in this position I thought advertising it with a current inspection certificate was helpful as the buyer knows its passed the inspection already and there are no surprises. I would say that most people are a bit wary of a unrego bike and what it is going to get knocked back for by the inspector and what extra costs there will be.
  4. Registered, or at least with a NSW Blueslip from an AUVIS will be easier to sell on a number of fronts;
    1. if it is a learner legal bike, because most noobs have no clue and will be scared of it unregistered not knowing whether or not it is roadworthy.
    2. it is less hassle not having to take it to get a Blueslip in NSW, and if it is not stock, there may be issues with it being compliant.
    3. It would be illegal to test ride it on the road.

    If selling unregistered, simply provide the last WA rego papers in your name, and a receipt containing buyer and seller details, bike VIN and engine number and the sale price. Buyer can then register it once they obtain a Blueslip.
  5. ^^ This. I'm not even sure a blue slip is transferable but it's like $35 and it at least gives the buyer some comfort that getting it inspected and registered will just be a formality.
  6. Cougs - Its the C50 cruiser in my picture. I have no idea what Ill ask for it, probably 3-4k unregistered I guess. I really just want to get rid of it

    Basejumper, TWEET- Thats an excellent idea, I never even thought of that. Hopefully it will pass the blueslip, I really have no idea how much wouldnt be allowed on NSW roads. I dont really have any proof of purchase but I can probably contact the shop I got it from and get a copy, if they can give one from 08! Great advice though!
  7. Hey I could be interested in purchasing it from you. Let me know
    PM me or flick me a txt/ call 0420301615 Thanks!
  8. I dont know how to start a PM YammyBaseYammyBase , I've sent you a text with the mods and info, and heres a video of the bike

  9. Exhaust non compliant I think.
  10. Yeah that was a problem on my bike as well - full race system. Nowhere near compliant.

    If you wanna be sure, fit the OEM pipes if you've got them. For common Japanese models you can often find stock setups cheap on eBay.

    Or you could roll the dice like I did. Baffle it down as quiet as you can get it and take it to a car inspector, and hope they either miss or overlook the pipe. Make sure everything else is okay; you want to give the overall impression of a vehicle that should pass inspection. (That said, the guy passed my bike with a busted number plate light so I think he maybe wasn't too fussed.)