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Selling Advice?

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by Gordonov, Jul 15, 2009.

  1. Greetings ladies and gents,

    I'm the proud owner of two bikes...one a slightly older '89 RGV250 (still in reasonably good nick) and the other an '04 Buell XB12S. Ever since I bought the Buell about a year ago, the RGV has been sitting unused, so I think it's about time to sell the old girl.

    My question to you guys is; should I go to the effort of getting a roadworthy cert (I know at least the front tyre will need replacing) and selling it registered, or just let it lapse and sell it unregistered for less money? Now that QLD has adopted LAMS, there obviously won't be as big a market for it as there used to be...just though I'd get some advice from some motorcycling connosseiurs...what should I do?

  2. I may or may not be different to others but if I was looking to buy a bike, I'd want to at least see a current RWC (and preferably registered) and would pay the "higher" (its not really) cost for that. However, I'm pretty sure you're going to read "sell as is" comments as well considering there are riders who have RGs solely to put on a trailer and take to the track.

    Come to think of it the way I'd probably do it in your shoes is to advertise it is with a "sell as is" (and let them know it only needs a new front trye if that's all that is required) and add to that you will sell it registered for a higher price (tyre + RWC + registration) if someone wants to buy it to use on the road.

    When a seller once put the onus on me to get a RWC (which it would have got but I was a complete newb so wasn't in the know at all) then that made me hesitant as I thought if the seller had no issue then they'd do it themselves (just as I did when I sold my bike).
  3. A RWC is a huge confidence boost for buyers, after all most people will want it for road use.

    Good luck getting anything for it though, LAMS have made it hard for people selling things like that.
  4. +1 to posts above

    give the buyer peace of mind that its in good schmick!
  5. Hmmm thanks for the advice, looks like I've got an uphill battle on my hands...I got it originally for $3000, maybe if I drop the price significantly I'm more likely to get rid of it.