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VIC Selling abandoned motorbike

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by newrider1231, Aug 27, 2016.

  1. Hey,'

    My roommate recently moved out a month ago to a different state in australia and he left his motorbike in the shed, i know he for sure doesn't want it because the demolishers are coming in sometime next week. I don't see any point in giving it to the demolishers so i figured I might as well sell it.

    My question is, how should I go about selling it? It isn't stolen or anything but I have no proof of ownership and the rego plates are listed under my roommates name. I've texted him about this but idk if I'm going to get a reply..

    Thanks for your time
  2. You shouldn't sell it. Its not yours to sell!
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  3. Mate unless you get an ok in writing from the registered owner (if that's your mate) I would strongly suggest not selling it. If he comes looking for it at a later stage and you've sold it (even as a trackie or something) you'll have some explaining to do.

    What makes you think he won't get back to you in this? It's not normal behavior to abandon a bike (unless it's a total POS). Why not just keep it until you can hear from him?

    Edit: or look up what the law is in 'abandonment' in your state and see if anything applies....
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  4. It's not a great bike, i checked online and it's worth maybe $1-$1.5k second-hand. The reason I know he doesn't want it anymore is because the apartment complex is being rebuilt, he left it under the shed so it's going to go regardless.
  5. Why not just ring him, not text?
  6. No answer unfortunately, i'll try again tomorrow - he didn't even take the keys with him so i'm pretty sure he doesnt want it.
    Hopefully we can work something out if he responds.
  7. Bud, I would suggest you let the bike go. You have no skin in the game and, with all respect, this situation doesn't smell right. Were I considering purchasing this bike with the information you provided, I would be very, very cagey.
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  8. Fair enough, I'll ask if i can sell it for him if he responds and if not I'll just leave it.

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  9. Good decision. The shit you could find yourself wearing is far greater than whatever the vehicle is worth.
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  10. offer him $50 for it, pay him and get a receipt then sell it for a grand. 'sounds like a nice little earner' as Arthur Daley would say!
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  11. I would also do a PPSR check to make sure your ex housemate did not have any finance owed.
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  12. Agreed. I'll give you $100 for it - only because i need some second hand tyres. Look on the bright side, you've doubled your dough.