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Selling a motorbike - how long to sell in this climate?

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Amanda_84, Oct 28, 2010.

  1. Hi guys,

    I've just put a bike up for sale, and i'm worried. I tried to sell my 250 earlier in the year and it didn't move. The guy selling it for me (my mechanic) said no one was really looking and the weather had been shit for test rides. In the end I went back up to QLD and rode my bike back down to Sydney to keep it (i missed her too!)

    But now we are selling our bigger bike because we bought a car, and the smaller one is cheaper to rego/insure. But is it going to sell? How long does it normally take to sell a bike? is the financial crisis that we are supposedly out of affecting bike sales?

    If anyone knows the golden answer that'd be great!
  2. It will take as long as till some one comes along and wants it and hands you the cash for it.

    How long is a piece of string,

    If the price is reasonable for your bike and it is in good condition it should sell. When, ????????????????????????????????????????????????? Thats the 64 Dollar question,
  3. I was trying to sell mine earlier in the year too and got a very small number of enquries.

    Its on ebay now though (with 2 hours to go) my reserve has been met and there are 62 watchers. So if the price is resonable I would expect now is as good a time as any.
  4. shrugs took 6 weeks or so for mine in middle of winter
    mine was a concourse condition 1999 R1 with 15,000 kms
  5. 3 days when I sold my girlfriends on eBay, guy came round and bought it on the spot...
  6. I've also had good experiences with eBay. Sold a few bikes on there, and one via forum connections. Hint hint haha. Seriously though, its about knowing where to advertise, whos interested and what the thing is actually worth.

    That last point is why bikes don't sell. You see 20y/o CBR250RR's asking 5k, and getting 2 to 3k. Big fantasy gap. I sold mine for $1600 because thats what it was worth. I sold my GS850 in 5 days because I knew people were after restos to get going in time for summer, and the fact that it was gaining a bit of classic status helped.

    Anyway, be realistic. A quick eBay trawl shows me that 5y/o ER6's are hovering around the 5 to 6k mark, generally with 10 to 20 thousand kilometers on the clocks. If you're after that you have a shot. If you want less you'll sell by this weekend.

    Cheers - boingk
  7. speak for yourself, the bike was a 89 cbr250 (r) for $5000 with 28000 klms... if the bike is in good condition, and someone falls in love with it, they will pay the market price
  8. You're right about the condition part, and the buyer falling for it. But thats not what a CBR is worth, not when the same money will see you with an ER6N or a mint XR600. Hell, it'll see you with a decent 600 supersport or older 1000.

    A CBR250 is not worth 5k... bloody good on you for getting it though! :D

    - boingk
  9. Haha - again agreed, but it does all come down to a specific market. The bikes are sought after even with their age and no doubt large number of owners. If you look on bike sales, they are all mostly priced in that range - i'm not saying you can't get cheaper ones, of course you can, but there is always someone who will pay the psudo-market price
  10. Yeah, too right. What're you on now anyway?

    - boingk
  11. Well... currently f**k all, as living in Shanghai and its would be a death wish to ride something here.

    But, still have the RVF in Oz at a friends place along with the MV F4...

    When I'm back in Aust for a long period of time, i'll be stumping up for the 2010 cbr 1000rr - which i'm loving the look of at the moment, and not to mention are amazing to ride!
  12. Just spent a few weeks in Shanghai.

    Saw one guy on a scooter get taken out by a bus. Straight under he went.

    I was in a cab but i reckon they swept what was left of him into the gutter and went about there day.

    No respect for the individual what so ever.

    Other than that i i didnt see to may car accidents but i agree, i would never ride a bike there unless i had grown up in that sought of crazy traffic environment.

    And yeah there are loads of new riders willing to pay the 4-5K for 20 year old CBR. Its got the 'cool' stigma and if you find some one with enough money then yeah, they'l pay it.

    Me - Not a chance i bought a honda Spada with 18,000 on the clock in mint condition for $2800. Goes harder than 90% of CBR's any way.
  13. Jesus... hard stuff to witness a guy going under a bus.

    Meanwhile, c0rrupt, thats a hellava bike list. Have you considered waiting for the next-gen CBR? Hondas just filed a patent for true variable valve timing in a motorcycle engined application. Looks like they've slated it for the next CBR's.

    Or... you could buy the BMW now hahaha. Still, the CBR1000 does look bloody good.

    Cheers - boingk
  14. I haven't heard much of the new cbr's so haven't really given it a thought, and not to mention seeing all the next gen bikes, i.e gsxr have all gone back to seriously ugly looks, so figure just stick with what you like!

    Would give the bmw a consideration but the dodgy mismatched eyes kill it for me

  15. I wonder what people who can't sell a bike are doing. Our country's economy is strong and its spring the best time to sell bikes.

    Some people think that bikes are not depreciating assets and ask the same as they paid for it and think that they all the extra cr*p that they put on it is worth what they paid for it or even appreciates the bike.

    Price the bike properly and it will sell. If yours is not the cheapest on bikesales then it better have half the kms of the others.
  16. So true V C.

    Although mine is both, its still not moving. Havent even had one (legit) enquiry on it.
  17. Sometimes there simply isn't someone looking for that bike, with the ready $, near your location who is ready to buy who's noticed your advert.

    A couple of times I've sold bikes, which have sat advertised for a few months with no calls only to have several people then ring up in the next week.

    It's random.. really random... this bike selling thing ](*,)
  18. Actually location can be a problem I have found that bikes will move faster in the city than in the country due to the limited buyers.
  19. thanks for the comments guys, the bike is priced mid-range compared to those on bikesales etc, we also refered to redbook when deciding a price. We havent sold a bike before, obviously we have a value we'd like but it's very negotable. We took a punt at the price it is and figured we could start lowering if it isnt getting any interest.

    but thanks for the feedback - i think we'll lower the price, not that i think its unreasonable (hmm...maybe it is? 36k on the clock 2006 asking $6500)
  20. some brands and models are flying off the self, gs 500 are insane in the sales market. bike shops ive been to in the last 4 weeks sell 2nd hand ones for $6990 and brand new 2009 models for $7990.