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Selling A Hard To Sell Bike

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by freddy b, Nov 25, 2012.

  1. hi i hope this is the right place.
    sorry if its a bit long and boring.

    unfortunately i didnt come here before buying my bike, too late but thats how it is.
    i have a 2010 efi hyosung gv 250. the bike has been very good mechanically although from this site i gather they are badly looked at.

    i want to sell it and i,m not sure how to go about this. i spose the choices are ebay, gumtree, trading post and the bike sales type sites.
    other than that i could try trading it in on a second hand bike at a dealer. if i do that they wont give me much and the change over would be huge i think. for example i saw a vt750 for $6000 but i think he difference from trade in is too high.
    sorry i,m off the point. with a bike like mine that is hard to sell do any people here with much more experience have any experience on going about selling a bike that could be hard to sell.

    oh yeah cause money is really tight i need to be careful as i might lose too much
  2. A good detail goes a long way.
    What sort of condition is it in? (Scratches etc)

    Also your not selling just because its badly looked on are you?
    Do you enjoy the bike?
  3. Ebay it with $1 no reserve and you will get more than any trade in.

    The hyo is not that bad, it just gets over embelished here and its a learners bike so it doesnt need to be that good. Not many learner cruisers anyway so not much choice. Try selling something common like a cbr or a ninja is worse, as you have to discount to get rid of it, buyers dont have as much choice in cruisers.

    The vt750 is pretty slow. I wouldnt buy it if you want to use on the highway.
  4. thanks steven. no the bike is in good nick, not been dropped or in an accident. your advice about more info is important.
  5. Some people have Hyosungs with 0 troubles... most have a few little problems and some unlucky bastards got duds but thankfully there seem to be less of those than good ones.

    LAMS bikes usually retain a lot of their value, so it shouldnt be too difficult, and you are running the EFI version which is good too. All I can suggest is price it right. If there are 5 models on there cheaper than yours, they are all going to be looked at before yours is considered. Money talks and never more so than right now.

    If its not caused you any problems, you enjoy it, and you are still on restricted, hang on to it and consider and research your next bike instead.
  6. yeah i am a older rider off restrictions

    thanks for the handy advice maybe i am thinking hyosung no way i will sell it, but like i said its been very reliable.
    the ebay option that vertical c said might be worth a look, need to see the details of how it works.

    maybe trading post vs bike sales. i wondering if these might be the first stop for people looking. do you let them test ride, not that i'm worried mechanically but if they take off or damage it.
  7. Bikesales is 10 tmes better than trading post.
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  8. Trading Post seems to be a bit dead these days - personally I wouldn't bother.

    eBay can be good as long as the market is a little busy. At the moment in the lead up to Christmas it seems to have slowed down a little. I have seen some bikes going for a lot less than I would have expected. That makes me think that at the moment the 99c no reserve route might be higher risk than normal.

    Gumtree is worth a go, given the cost to advertise, though prices do seem a little down there. Might depend on the bike.

    Bikesales has the highest prices advertised, so it seems to be the place where it is easiest to be the best bike at the best price. There always seems to be lots of bikes at unrealistic prices on there.

    The easiest way to shift a bike quickly is to trade it, but it is also the best way to get the lowest return, unless you stuff up badly selling privately.

    All my recent observations, and of course ymmv!

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    Last edited: Nov 25, 2012
    I don't think it will be too hard to sell, bikesales has the efi models from 3750 to 5990 for a new one, not many newer bikes that cheap so will appeal to the learner who wants a cheap late model bike. And it's LAMS, so there is a market for cheap bikes that people will upgrade immediately on getting a full licence.

    What condition is it in? Been dropped? Full service history?

    FWIW I traded my gs500 to a dealer for the zx9, got 2250 and the bike is now for sale by the dealer around 4500 (i was lazy and didn't want to go the private route) just to give you an idea of what trade in you can expect.
  10. the $60 for bike sales should be worth a go. Denholm so the dealer put more than 2k on the bike ignorant me thought maybe $500-1000 alow for some discount
    So ive taken what you guys have said. Will try bike sales and see if i get any nibbles.

    Makes me think i saw this vt750 at a dealer for $6000might be worth seeing if he wuld take $5000 for cash, seeing what Denholm just told us.
  11. I sold a 2006 hyosung gv250 12 months ago, via ebay, in less than 4 days, for $3200 with 4 months rego & no roadworthy.

    Had bought it 12 months prior for $3800.

    They're not hard to sell
  12. I would have got more if I was buying a new bike, that's how dealers work. I see it as me paying extra to just have the bike sold, bikes are fairly slow to sell privately.
  13. I sold my GT250 on Gumtree for $1900 - that was after replacing the motor and tyres. It was advertised for a while too (about 3 months), there are (naturally) heaps of scammers and tightasses looking to get something for nothing. Put it out there and see how it goes - it will sell, the right buyer will come along mate.
  14. interesting cougar and well done selling on ebay.

    Can i ask was it auction or buy it now ? Did the buyer see it or just buy it.

    I dont know much about ebay so i should educate myself. I have looked today and it might be another way.
    Must say you guys are encouraging me to that selling might not be as hard as i originally thought
  15. Auction - sold before it ended.

    He sent me a message asking what I wanted for it and gave me his number.

    Agreed on price over the phone, sight unseen (he lived about 200km away) and he picked it up on the weekend with cash in hand.
  16. I have a box of matches I'll sell you for $10.
  17. My son sold his GT250 (non-efi) last week. He only listed it on Bikesales and it was purchased by the 2nd person who looked at it. He did have it listed for a while before he started to get any calls, but as soon as the weather improved, the calls started.

    So not hard to sell, you just need to be prepared to wait and price according to the market.
  18. cheers guys probably time to stop mucking around an put an add in. Noticed on this site there are a few as well, might consider that as well.

    Never having sold a secondhand bike its all new. Do you let everybody come and look or do you somehow screen out the time wasters.
  19. Ignore emails from anyone saying they work on an oil rig....
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  20. If they come to look at it they are not time wasters. You might not sell to first looker but a fair price will get sold first or second guy, I cant remember it taking more than two lookers to sell a bike and I have sold 19.

    Sell it asap, best time of the year to sell, its summer and after xmas people get credit card bills.