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Selling a crashed motorcycle

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by jslim1008, Apr 1, 2016.

  1. Hello guys
    I got into an accident 3 weeks ago, and my Ninja 300 has been towed away from the scene.
    Would it be better to sell the bike with 'salvaged' title or fix it completely and sell it at a higher price?
    How much does the price drop down to if it is salvaged?
    It is 2015 Ninja 300 SE btw.

    Any advice would be appreciated!

  2. do you have full comp insurance/
    if so the bike is not yours to sell they will pay you out and keep it
    if you don't well what can I say
    too bad too sad
  3. As above if it is insured the insurance company now own it. I hope it was, my 300 is only $28pm.

    If not insured, prob cost more than buying a new bike to bother fixing it. Depending of course how bad the damage is.
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  4. No, it's only Third Party property, that is why I'm asking how much would it be to fix it or to sell it?
  5. probs best to get a quote
    I mean it could be 3x what you paid new for it
    and before you ask
    yes there have been quotes like that before
  6. If it's only third party insurance, it wont hit the written off register. Either way, if you sell it damaged you should get a reasonable dollar for it. There is a Kawasaki parts online place, I'v used it before and the parts are very cheap, so could be an option if you're mechanically minded.
  7. Oooo, care to provide me with the web address for the Kawi????
  8. Id fix it myself personally.

    Only a select few will buy a damaged bike. Why limit your captive audience. Its hard enough selling a second hand bike as it is.
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  9. how damaged is it?
  10. Given it was only minor damage then it may just need a couple of hundred or thousand worth of repairs to bring it to a rideable and roadworthy condition. ie forget the scuffed exhaust and repainting the fairing
    To bring it to a "as new" condition (which your insurer will do) it will likely be a economic writeoff due to $160/hr labor and genuine spare parts costing a fortune.

    It all depends on the damage, ie a statutory write off, major but repairable damage or just a few cracks, scratches and scuffs that could be passed off with some minor touchups and be suitable for a learner.

    If you get a quote for damages, make sure you say its not for insurance and specify the levels of repairs your looking for.
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  12. Hmm.. good point, u reckon it would be difficult?
    i got good tools and place to work, but not sure.

    will the mechanic charge me for inspecting what needs to be done?
  13. That would depend on the amount of and type of damage and your skill level. Only you can answer that really.
  14. I only saw the photo of my motorcycle as Im still in the hospital.
    It looks like some crack and scratches to the fairing and some damage to the pegs.
    Not sure about the inside tho

    When i crashed, i remember large amount of oil spilling on the ground.
    Does this mean an inner part is damaged also?
  15. Put a few pics up
  16. #16 jslim1008, Apr 1, 2016
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    Thanks a lot!

    I will post the photos up on Monday (if you guys decide to stick around for 3 more days.. XD)
    I get discharged then!
  17. Discharged? Are you in the joint?
  18. Nono, XD at RPA hospital, broke some bones
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  19. if it's been hit hard enough side on (T-boned) to lose oil, you'd have to be a bit worried about frame being bent.

    was it hit on left side or right side?
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  20. Sheesh dude - I commend you for being so up beat....

    Get some rest and mend - figure the bike out later.

    There are plenty of people here who can help guide you through insurance/repair/salvage concerns.
    Right now just make sure you're OK.

    Worst case, burn it.