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Selling a bike that is about to run out of rego...

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by bNiNja, Nov 3, 2007.

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  1. Hi fellow NRs,

    I am about to sell my first bike (it is a 100cc Honda scooter, good times) that runs out of rego on 11/11/07 i.e. in about a week. I have a buyer lined up on Monday (05/11/07) but she wants to know what is involved to get the bike registered for her.

    When I purchased the scooter it had about 10 months rego on it. I simply filled out the blue RTA Certificate of registration (the seller filled out their bit), paid cash and that was it. Couple of weeks later, RTA sent me the certificate for the bike and NRMA sent me the CTP Greenslip Policy.

    About 3 weeks ago, RTA sent me another blue form but this time it is Registration Renewal Notice . It has the same Transfer of Registration on the back. And the NRMA sent me CTP renewal letter as well.

    The scooter is in good condition. Everything working. So I ask my fellow NRs what is the best way to do this?

    Should we just fill out the back of the blue RTA Transfer of Registration form. That way, the new buyer can pay for transfer costs and rego at the same time. And then let the new buyer decide which company they want to buy CTP from? What is involved for the new buyer in terms of blue slips or pink slips or whatever? (I am new to this, I have no idea what they are).

    If you were in my shoes, how would you do this? I tried to perform a search but I couldn't narrow down a topic similar to mine. Thanks for your answers

  2. If scooter is <3 years old, no pinkslip or inspection is required, simply pay CTP and RTA costs and rego is renewed.

    If scooter is >3 years old, then Pinkslip is required, get it from any light vehicle mechanic that has an AIS certificate, ie: they do pinkslips for vehicles 4.5T GVM and less it doesn't have to be a bike mechanic/dealer.

    Give buyer the pinkslip (not a requirement as in NSW you can sell without it) and they then arrange ctp and the rego + transfer costs to be paid, and then it is renewed.

    See the RTA website for more info, which is what you should have done for yourself in the first place.
  3. another important point that is even when the registration is expired, you can still get it re-registered for 3 months after the expiry date. all in all its up to the buyer to do all that stuff. as long as he buys it in the next 3 monhs and transfer documentation then you wont need anything more than just a normal re-register Pink slip

    after 3 months you need to do the blue slip thing as the scooter becomes "unregistered" you need to go to an auvis etc.

    :edit: added the quote below

    the process of getting a new registration is much harder than renewing http://www.rta.nsw.gov.au/registration/regorenewal/index.html
  4. Thanks Tweet and Netterhead1

    You are right Tweet, I should have just looked it up. However, I have no experience with this type of thing (green slip, pink slip, blue slip... it can get a little confusing).

    How much does it cost to obtain a pink slip and what is the closest place in inner-western Sydney? (I am asking on behalf of the new purchaser)
  5. Bike pink slips are about $17 something.

    Better get it started before you sell it huh...
  6. Is this the one that won't start? I'll give you $50.

    Regards, Andrew.
  7. HAHA, yeah. It is the scooter that won't start. The interested buyer came over today and I was very embarrassed when all it did was click.

    They still liked what they saw and didn't use the fact that it didn't start to haggle on price. They offered to pay deposit but I refused and said "let me get it started first, and we can worry about money".

    Generally speaking, it is a good scooter. Previously, I never had a problem with it but I got lazy and didn't ride it enough. I should've sold long ago but again, I am lazy.

    Andrew and TWEET, nothing gets past you 2 on NR. If we meet, let me shout you guys coffee (hold me up to that).

    For those who could help, my poor scooter engine won't turn over. Please take a look and help if you have any advice: https://netrider.net.au/forums/viewtopic.php?t=45188
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