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Selling a bike on Commission?

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by CodeBlueChick, Jan 9, 2006.

  1. Hey All,
    I am currently still selling my CBR600F in the trading post and got a call from Clipstone Yamaha, the chick on the phone asked if I wanted to sell my bike on commission in their showroom..blah blah blah.. so my question is..has anyone sold a bike through a dealer before and if so was it worth doing? Ta :grin:

  2. They're at it again...Action used to be the quickest with that sort of thing.
    Some other dealers followed...
    It can turn out ok though !
    Garry sold his Dominator that way and came out $300 short of what he wanted for it.
    Here are the 2 major ploys of the game:
    You want $6500 for your bike, they say: FINE...but give us a little to play with. You say: OK, lowest I'll take is $6200.
    They tell you they'll have to do the RWC/service/ crappo-warranty etc etc ...better make it $6000.
    They stick in onto the lot (for $7500...instead of adding "their $500", that they've told you, within a week you'll get a call that a buyer is HOT on it.
    But a tightarse. But with CASH in hand !! You take $5600?

    Ploy 2:
    Supposedly they find some probs during the RWC/ service/ check-through.
    " Nothing major/ we've got a buyer already...sorta.../ we're not quite sure how much the fix will be". Of course you don't have to pay until the bike is sold.
    Easy to see where that one's going...
    $500 less for a "new clutch", $200 for other stuff.....and nobody's the wiser if/ what was ever done to the bike.

    Been there, done that...would still give it a try, insist on your price, otherwise take it off the showroom floor...but it could finish up in hardball-games.
  3. Hey Pete,
    Thats what I thought..pretty wary of dealers in general but thought I would see what the go is.. will PM you for some advice methinks! :grin:
  4. i sold one through commission not long ago. It all worked out pretty well in the end and i reckon they got more for it than i woulda in the paper.

    just make sure you get all the details down in writing, ie what commission they will take, what price they will put it out for etc etc.
  5. If your bike is priced right the dealer will sell it, if it is priced a little above the market then he will condition you with time & a few sales stories about other similar models & what they sold for whilst yours sits there until you drop the price.

    If you are totally unrealistic on price it still serves him to have your bike as the more stock levels he has - the better enquiry & customer traffic will be generated, he may then use your bike to sell others in stock as buyers will see the sticker price on yours and then look at other bikes and will think they represent more value.

    Selling on consignment always has a bonus for the dealer, plus its also one less bike the dealer’s competition will not get their hands on to sell.
  6. Agreed. The dealer only takes it on for their own benefit, they're not doing it as a service to you. But it can work out well for both parties if you know your prices and they are good to deal with.
  7. glitch_oz has hit all the ploys on the nose.

    I got to see it all from an interesting point of view. A few years back I saw a bike on the show-room floor and put in an offer on it. Told my wife, who told her friend, and the friend's husband just happened to know the guy who owned the bike and from then on we communicated and we both got to see the games of hard-ball being played at both ends by the dealer in the middle.

    In the end the deal fell through because of the dealer trying to screw money at both ends and was trying to get $1500 out of a $10K commission sale, including having me pay for all transfer costs on top of that. In the end the guy gave up, took the bike out of the show room and sold it privately for more than what the dealer was trying to give him for it.
  8. just read this in another forum

  9. It is still illegal as I pointed out in an earlier post asking the same question.

    I dont recall if I posted it or not but Clipstone lost a Jet Ski that was for sale on consignment. Owner lost every cent.

    Personally I wouldnt do it, and certainly wouldnt do it at Clipstone.

    If it is still for sale are you asking too much?
  10. Hey Vic,
    Well there you go, I didn't know it was illegal and since I've been away for a week up at Bright haven't caught *all* the posts....I prolly wouldnt have seen your previous post :) I wasn't thinking of selling it through Clipstone either, just commenting that they rang and trying to find out about commissioning bike..
    Anyways, according to the redbook, no, the price isnt too high, I am asking $7600-$7800 and the redbook value is from $7100 to $8500...
  11. It wasnt posted in the last week, it was posted a few months back.
    Good think the forum hasnt got an "ignore" button ey? you wouldn't have seen my last post either :p

    You are right, it's well priced. I didnt know what you were selling it for so I had to go looking.

    Good luck selling it. If it had 2 cylinders less I might have been interested :)
  12. I don't see any major advantage in going through a dealer. Arn't most people of the opinion that you go to a dealer to try bikes, but ultimatly you buy from privates?
  13. ...not that I'm aware of....
  14. I agree with Petie, you gotta worry a bit about buying 2nd hand bikes from dealers. Especially 250's as most of us have probably found out.

    If the bike is a very recent model/year then its probably fine as it was probably a trade in for something bigger or different style.
    (Then again, was that bike broken in properly or was it thrashed from day 1 with every intent on a trade???)

    We all know dealers are professional bullsh1ters but private sellers can spin some shit too... so it basically comes down to your knowledge. Pays to do your research if your looking to buy.

    (I know what I said is not so relevent to selling a bike through a dealer, just making a point... too many dealers doing and saying the wrong things have stereotyped all of them. Shame as some are genuine, but still, can never trust them 100%).
  15. Thanks Vic.. I think a "few months back" would be April 3rd 2005 (had to go search for it!) and I am very sure I didn't read the post at all...otherwise I wouldnt have asked again.. next time a Bike dealer rings I can inform them they are breaking the law :grin:

    Funnily enough..if it had 2 cyclinders less I might be keeping it! :grin:
  16. I wonder what Trading Post thinks of Dealers trawling through their pages pinching sales off them as well???
  17. Leaving aside Vic's previous comment about the legality of this practice, that was the question that sprung to my mind too, Paul.....
  18. Two mates in the last 12 months have advertised bikes in this way and the only calls both of them recieved were from nearly every other publication wanting to advertise their bikes also.
  19. Dealers selling bikes & cars on commision is illeagl.
    Why, who would know, just another thing set up by the powers that be.
    So I would think the people at Klipstone might be in deep sh-t.
    One the other hand, if there is a loop hole in this stupid law, I would like to know what it is.
    Catch ya
  20. In Victoria anyway, "unless it is on behalf of a financier, manufacturer, other licensed motor car trader, or unless the sale is at public auction.". In NSW, and other states?, consignment selling is legal.

    Hmmm .. given previous thoughts on Clipstone Yamaha, I guess there should be no surprise at their actions. Maybe a call to CAV?