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Selling a bike interstate question

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Cheeba, Feb 23, 2010.

  1. Has anyone sold a bike to someone in another state? My girlfriend is thinking of putting her bike up on ebay, but was wondering how the sale works with the rego if it's sold to a person in another state.

    Does the Vic rego get refunded and the bike arrive in the other state wtih no rego? Or does the Vic rego get transferred to the other state's rego?

    Also, is a Vic RWC worth anything in other states? Or does it just provide piece of mind for the buyer.

    Any hints for her would be much appreciated.
  2. Basically once you sell, its up to the purchaser to transfer Rego into there state.
    You will need to send a written letter to go with all your paper work saying you have sold it for an agreed value to the purchaser. (RWC is a bonus - Mind and Matter wise!)
  3. A guy from Victoria bought my bike (I am in Sydney) he was up for the weekend seeing his girlfriend or something.

    The only issue was that he hasn't transferred the rego. As there are a lot of fees so you dont get much refund I guess he didn't want to lose it. This wouldn't happen as much with a same state resident. This is an issue because he went through a toll in Melbourne so they sent me a bill so make sure you get a receipt and their details.
  4. I just travelled to country Victoria to buy a bike, and i live in metro Adelaide.

    Currently i am riding it around SA with the Vic plates on. When it comes closer to having to the rego out of date, ill take it to Regency, which is the police checking place (for lack of technical terms!). Regency is where you take defected vehicles to get them cleared, but some defects can be cleared at the local cop shop...im not sure how it all works really.
    I have to take my new bike to get its identity checked to make sure its not stolen or anything before they will give me new plates. If the cop does the identity check and decides to defect it for any reason, then i will have to get that cleared too, before ill be able to get it registered as a SA vehicle.

    The RWT will provide peace of mind, as you say.

    All i really did was rang up the hotline number which told if the vehicle was currently registered, or if it had been reported stolen. I also got the name of the palce in which work was supposedly done to the bike, and gave that place a call and asked a few questions.

    Good luck on the sale.
  5. I recently sold my Fireblade to a guy in NSW, I cancelled the rego and gave him a recipt for the bike with purchase price, engine and VIN numbers.