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Selling a bike - hints n pointers

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' at netrider.net.au started by Wypuk, Sep 24, 2006.

  1. hey all
    I got a oldish gpx and its time to sell it
    basiclly im curious if anyone has any tips or suggestions to make it look nicer or more appealing for potential customers.

    its abit rough, got scratches and stuff on it, but has 12 months reg ;) ;)
    is there anything that could be done to make it more appealing to potential buyers - i got told to paint the top clamp becuase my keys have scratched it up so thats gonna be done

    apart from that anything else that could help boost its market value past 1300 lol, if i can get 1500 i will be VERY happy with it and any more is just a bonus again

    thanx alot for any replies

    edit: the fairings are black and have some scratches on then as well, is there a way to cover them without respraying the whole thing because i still got stickers on the fairings to make it look more stock
  2. um, are you wanting to sell the bike or to pawn it for something that it's not.

    scratched fairings is the last thing to worry about. does the engine run well? how many km's? has it had regular service? does it have a service log? these are the type of things that may help you with selling it.

    saying that. given that it's a 250 you may not have a hard time moving it.

    take a look at redbook as well as what people may be asking for in the trading post, bike sales etc. considering all of the above this should give you an indication on a selling price.

    there's a fine line between honesty and outright lying when selling. it's your call.

    good luck with the sale.
  3. its a damaged gpx man.... you'll be lucky to even get the 1300
  4. yeah i kno its a gpx it runs fine, ive serviced it 2 times jsut oil and sparks since i bought it, but i'll do it again before i start lookin at sellin it. id love 1500 koz id just recouperate my cumulitive costs ie service insurance rego and id be stoked. ive seen em flogged on ebay for bout that price so i figured itd go for that price, i was asking for pointers which might make it look more decent as it is lookin abit rough but ye, thanx 4 the advice
  5. A good wash and a polish is certainly not gonna hurt. Some black Texta (permanent) on the scratches on the black fairing can't hurt either. They're not gonna fool anyone that it's unscratched, but they'll show you've taken some pride in its appearance. Cleaning the tyres, making sure the chain is well lubed, that kind of stuff... Basically the bike doesn't have to look new, but it should look cared for.
  6. ...and to me that's not lying to someone or misrepresenting the truth: presenting the actual bike in the best light (rather than, e.g., trying to sell it filthy dirty and with low oil) is just common sense. It's when you start winding back the clock or putting stickers over actual holes in the fairing or tricking it to stop it smoking temporarily that you cross that line, IMO.
  7. Provide as much history as possible, receipts for service and parts show that you have been taking care of it,
    An owners manual is a plus, see if you can track down stuff like this, it all adds to the credibility of you as a genuine seller, also have fresh oil and coolant in the bike and clean the chain before you start giving inspections.
    Be enthusiastic & positive about your bike when talking about it to a prospective buyer, have a good idea of buyers concerns and issues they may raise about it & prepare your spiel of rebuttal so it flows automatically.
    In the end you cannot turn horse shit into lamingtons, and no matter how much lipstick you paint on a pigs lips it’s still a pig, but you may sell your bike for a few bob more than what you would have if you didn’t put some effort into it.
    Good Luck.
  8. Wypuk, I may be interested in the bike, going for my Ls next week and am looking for something that I can squirt around on weekends. I dont want anything too flash as I know that I will be looking for something bigger once my restrictions end.

    Just looking for something reliable that I can practice on etc and not get too upset if (when) I drop it. I have heard that the GPX is pretty much bullet proof.

    Any pics ?
  9. Hopper, good choice.

    GPXs are pretty hard to kill, but whoever owned mine before I bought it took the worst care of it I've ever known.

    It had a broken rocker, bubble in the brake lines (which was ejected when I dropped it last week), broken Odometer (she'll never have 11,000km on the clock. :grin: ), tail/brake lights keep busting, the speedo was half-severed through wear, the clutch cable snapped on the way home one night, there's cracks in the fairing (one piece could use replacing) and the steering bearings need to be redone. She's in need of a service and a new front tyre, but that is me using her for commuting every day.

    I have a friend willing to buy my baby for her fiancee as a wedding present. :grin:
  10. Hi Sonja, all that and she is still going happily huh? Just about everything that I have read about the GPX , both here and elsewhere, points to a pretty reliable hard to kill learner bike. (Exactly what I am after) without having to spend mega bucks. :wink:

    The only concern that I have is the size, I am 180cm tall and 90kg's, I haven't sat on a gpx but as I am only going to ride weekends etc and will want to upgrade post restrictions I am not too concerned.
  11. hey hopper sure wanna get in touch and u can check out my bike
    no pics at the moment but we can jsut meet if you want and you can check it out then hehe always an excuse for a ride
    anyways get in touch man