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selling a bike, give them a test ride?.... precautions?

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by transit, Aug 24, 2008.

  1. Hi all, i am selling my bike and want to know what are the best precautions to take and avoid having your bike being stolen.
    I remember reading about a guy on another board who was given a fake drivers licence as security and the guy then took it for a test ride never to return :evil:

    I have only sold 2 bikes before in Melbourne back in the days when this stuff wasn't so common. Do people here let potential buyers take it for a test ride or do you pillion them? If i had another bike i could ride alongside them in case they tried to do a runner.

    The safest option seems to be to only allow a test ride after i have a 100% deposit of the agreed price. I imagine the test ride is the very last thing that's done once the buyer is 100% committed. I could also tell them to go to the local dealer and test ride the same model.

    Thanks for any thoughts or advice? :)
  2. I got pissed off when the buyer asked me to leave the full amount, almost told them to f%$k off. This was after I left my drivers license and car keys with them.

    I usually offered my license and car keys. The sellers were usually happy this with.
  3. Gotta play by sight & ear. I tell prospects first - no joyride. If they STILL want to come & view, to me that shows more than just passing interest.

    If they're young/inexperienced, I'd offer them a "test ride" on the Pillion seat. If otherwise, I just make it clear - you drop you buy at asking price. After that, license and keys to their transport is all I need to pass my bike keys to them.

    There're lotsa bikes for sale out there. If someone insists they will do no more than start the bike for me as a Buyer, I'll just walk away. At the very least, for something I'm keen on, I'd take the Pillion offer. I need to know the bike moves, turns, brakes with no drama.
  4. If I was selling my bike no one would ride it without the full cash amount in my hand. If you dont have the cash then no test rides. Simple.

    If they get pissed off about it then its their loss. There are too many scamers out there to be able to just hand over your keys to some random you've probably never met before.
  5. unless you're in a hurry to sell your bike.
  6. a full cash deposit seems a bit full on to me. i would walk away from a potential purchase if asked for that. but i will happily leave my wallet and car keys with the seller. and as a seller i would happily accept car/bike keys and wallet or license. If u have a license for identity and have the keys to the persons car why would they ride off with your bike? Maybe people don't trust others very much. Grand theft auto carries a hefty amount of time in jail and you should at least have 3rd party fire and theft on the bike so absolute worst case scenario you make a claim and end up with the money for the bike anyways :)
  7. Get their phone number when organising a test ride, call them to arrange a time. Land-line is preferable.

    In Aus you need a license and credit check to get even a pre-paid mobile phone.
    If you can contact them you are one step closer to having the police catch them should they not return.

    There are no guarantees however, so its a bit of a case of seller beware.
    Not much you can do about it really, who knows, someone could arrange to come look at your bike, then not show and come back later to knick it while your out.
  8. I walked in, said I wanted a prepaid sim, handed over the dosh and walked out. Good advice, just saying. :)
  9. When i sold my 250 recently i told the buyer that i required the full price in cash for a test ride.
    I thought it might turn him off but the buyer didnt have a problem with it.
    He took the bike for a ride and his friend stayed with me & held onto the cash.
    After the test ride he bought the bike and all partys were happy.

    As far as im concerned if their genuinely interested in buying the bike then they should have no issue turning up with the cash. The best part for the seller is it eliminates all the time wasters.
  10. Car keys are not too useful when its a stolen car.

    If i were selling it would be cash in my hand if you want to test ride.
  11. great advice everyone. I guess if someone really is serious about buying they should have no problem turning up with the cash or other serious collateral like a car with keys and wallet with ID etc.

    Good advice Pedro, this should eliminate tyre kickers and joy riders.

  12. when you ask for the full cash price as collateral do YOU hold the money or does the buyer's mate hold it?
  13. I went to see the bike i bought with Loz, and asked Loz to test ride it while i stayed back with the seller.
    Well, it is kinda logical to have the money with you while buying the bike. But also, if the bike doesnot have a rwc or something, then the buyer wouldn't pay till rwc is supplied. so he is not going to carry cash with him either.
    Same way, if i have 2 more bikes which I like, and would like to try out the third bike on the ad before I make my decission, I wudn't be walking around with cash. I would go, check the bike, test ride it, then come back home, and make a decission. Pick the bike up next day.

    That said, keeping a co-lateral sounds good def. Or u can try calling a friend who has a bike to be with you when the buyer wants to visit. When the buyer goes for a test ride, the friend can tag along with him on his bike....making sure he aint gonna do a disappearing act, nor a "hey it aint my bike, lets **** its ass" stunts.
    If the bike falls, its sold, get that signed/written before allowing him for the test ride.
    I dont think license can be forged in this country, so a valid proof of identity along with a proof of present address sounds good to me too.(a latest bill on his name maybe? -electricity/phone)

    be friendly, be truthful, and sort out all his querries, aka be helpful. If you get buyers like me, I will ask you 1001 questions about the bike...and do 101 checks on the bike too....some of which might even look like am not trusting your words :)
    I might even ask for contact number of the garages u ve got your bike regularly serviced from, and give them a call and have a chat with them too :p

    After selling, dont think, ah sold, now fcuk off!! Answer teeny weeny questions he might come up with about the bike. (Aint asking u to open up a customer support center for him though :p)

    Best of luck with your sales. :)
  14. so you wouldnt let a stranger test ride your bike,
    but you'd hand over $xxxxx to a stranger to hold while you went for a ride??
    strange. :?
  16. Head down to Target stores - usually there's a big box of pre-paid SIM cards going for under $5. Just pick yr fave no., no one does any ID check.

    Down at the bottle shop/liquor store/pub, the cashier will prolly have a dozen, or more, fake license cards youngsters try to pass off when asked about age.
  17. In my experience.. yes you can just go buy a phone/ sim card

    But when you go to activate it you need a license etc..

    I've had pre-paid phones with
    Optus, Telstra, Vodafone and three..

    all the same..

    Lol.. I've been 18 for less than a year.. I can tell you first hand how easy it is to get a fake license !!.. especially QLD ones.. there so easy to make..
  18. NO you don't need a credit check for a PREPAID mobile phone.
    Having bought one or 2 in my time. :roll:
  19. Trust me, the place I am from, a person got a license made for Osama Bin Laden by editting his photograph and removing his beard.

    and another guy got a license done for the country's prime minister, by editting his picture and adding some beard nd mustache. In both the cases, they changed the names, and never went for a driving test.

    So, somehow, in comparison, I feel, its atleast 1% more foolproof to get an original license made in Australia.

  20. no memory left on the phone for more numbers ay smee :wink: