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selling a bike? get ready for the scammers.

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by twainharte, Mar 19, 2011.

  1. ](*,)

    i really wish there was an easier way to report these assholes.

    There doesn't even seem to be a straightforward way in which to get there email accounts suspended.





    "Is the bike still for sales...
    kindly get back to me with the lowest price to this email(vickyglen@live.com)
    so that we can sort things out"





    "Viewed ur bike add.ls it still for sale?what is you firm price and condition?
    Get back to me on desmondsmith854@gmail.com.ds phone line is currently scrambled"





    "Hi,just want to be ask if ur bike on bikesales is still available for sale.
    pls reply me on h.whalley01@gmail.com as my phone line is presently scrambled. Thanks"


    and then this guy, with noisy background- was even bold enough to call me:



    him: "As-Salaam-Alaikum..."

    me: hang up!



  2. pretty sure there is a spoof@bikesales.com email...

    I never had one scammer when I tried to sell my postie bike :D (wonder why that was :D). Chin up, you'll find someone.
  3. Hmm where are you selling it? I have just sold 4 bikes (3 of my own plus my brothers for him) on eBay since Xmas. Never had issues with scammers a few lowballers but you get that.
  4. bikesales.

    though, a fellow did ring up a wk or 2 ago saying he saw it on bikepoint(affiliation between the two, apparently.).

    bike is sold, sadly. advert is still up pending payment.
  5. Hello Seller,
    I saw the advertisement for your Bike which i am very interested in and will like to make inquires about and purchase it. I will like you to mail me the condition of the Bike and the
    final price you are selling it of. Anticipating your reply.



    Hi!i will like to know the conditions of your bike as i am interested in buying it,I am making an offer of $6,500.00AUD for it,please let me know if you accept my offer.payment will be made through online paypal credit and i will arrange for the pick up.kindly get back to me your paypal email account.hope to read from you asap


    Hi there, i will like to let you know that i am willing to pay the asking price for this, i will be happy if you accept my offer, payments will be through paypal and i will arrange the pick up well. Cheers