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Sellers on gumtree

Discussion in 'Jokes and Humour' started by Vertical C, Jan 30, 2012.

  1. Can someone translate this ad for me.

    Kymco bug 2 stroke, 12 months rego, super reliable, max speed 75km/hr, 4 dollars fillup takes ya from blacktown to bondi and then back. Muffler was loose den it started to wiggle den obviosly it disconnected from da sonic da head job like da walkin sonic da headjog, but it aint a hard job to screw back on n dat, take to bike shop or weld i where it connects underneath, big dramas its like a jigsaw puzzle, ayre scratch it i still ride it and i cop it from pedestrians but commuters find it funny so ive been dubbed a public newsance. Right now da scooter sounds like a hubbly bubbly, a bubbly sound dat flips and flops like rebounding backslaps, kinda like flubber, once its started it sounds like plop plop like ur chukin a kaka, kinda like a thumpster, coppas wont pull ya over coz pretty much its da same volume of muffler to a harley, da case is if u can withstand such noise over a short or long distance, but if ya jus doin easy happy laps each day den all gud. plenty of rego, dis scooter will last for yonks so expect it to take you on all ur joureys and missions. Swap for a charade. Buzz 04xxxxxxx


  2. Holy fug.
    And that there is the future of our country.
  3. Gold, i love the photo of the owner with it.
  4. it could be written in Rap

    put a beat to it and see how you go
  5. we dont all talk and write like that in Blacktown............we also dont consider hoodies and thongs as formal attire.
  6. It would most likely turn out better than this...............
  7. coppas wont pull ya over coz pretty much its da same volume of muffler to a harley,


    i hope this guy is taking the piss.
  8. Lol... Ali G's selling his scooter??
  9. Shhhuuuu Cuzzz!
  10. Cutting my genitals with a rusty bread knife is better than that
  11. I just browsed Gumtree for the first time this weekend when looking for a used ute. It made me very sad.

    The level of effort (or lack thereof) left me shocked. I thought that when SMS no longer counted characters this kind of faux-language would disappear but Twitter has given it not only new legs, but long ones.
  12. Man I wish there was a thumbs down reverse thanks. ](*,)
  13. jesus christ, people still haven't seen friday? I thought we were in the 21st century! Get with the freakin times squares! That shit is MAJOR pop culture!

    I would like to buy his scooter. Seems like a lovely and sensible and well educated chap.
  14. it is cookie cutter sugar coated computer generated commercialised aural crap.
    if this is getting with the times then i'm throwing sledge hammers to prevent progress

    however i do agree with you aboyt the gentlemen and his bike :+)
  15. #16 ad91on, Feb 1, 2012
    Last edited by a moderator: Oct 24, 2015
    It's anti culture man.
  16. Well of sure as sh/t ain't music
  17. I think i just got dumber reading that...