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Seller relisted bike at higher price after agreed sale

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by acasta, Aug 14, 2013.

  1. I went and saw a bike last night. Talked with the seller, made a deal that we were happy with. I ended up agreeing to the price he listed it at!
    When I was checking the photos again this morning I noticed he bumped it up by $500 and it was still listed!
    I tried contacting him but he wont respond. I know he doesn't have work because he told me.

    I dunno what to do. Nothing I can do i guess. I have his number, address and name.
  2. Move on, if he responds to your messages then see what he has to say etc. If you are not happy then leave it alone.

    There are plenty of bikes out there.
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  3. He loses the sale.

    Is it worth the extra $500? If he doesn't get a bight, offer him $500 LESS than you agreed.
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  4. #4 acasta, Aug 14, 2013
    Last edited: Aug 14, 2013
    Yeah, that's what I have come too. Pretty disappointing but oh well.

    I have the feeling he will sell it at the higher price. It was a good deal.
  5. ...you didn't tell him that you thought it was a good price did you?
  6. I recommend that you express your true feelings regarding this matter. I strongly advise that you re-visit the seller late in the evening and leave a huge deposit on the bike. (not monetary)
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  7. What do you mean by "made a deal"?
  8. If you have nothing in writing or have left a deposit to close the deal you have no proof of a deal.

    It looks like the seller is dodgy, so why would you want to buy a bike from him?
  9. haha, no. I tried talking him down for a while. Got a price without RWC ect.

    that was my first through...

    Well as 109er points out, nothing on paper. I just said, Ok I'll take it for that price. Shook hands. He said he wouldn't sell it to anyone else.

    Good point. Just disappointed because it seemed like a good bike.
  10. So you didn't give him any money ? If that's the case and he hasn't heard from you since why would he think he has a deal ?
    If you want the bike turn up with the money agreed upon and ride it away.
  11. Realistically all you did was chat about buying his bike at X amount... you didn't leave a deposit or have it in writing so you haven't actually committed to buying it.

    plus the fact he re-listed it at 500$ higher.. is sketchy.

    just go buy another bike you like, take cash..
  12. Unlucky mate you sound like a trusting person who expected a handshake and a verbal egreement to be honored as most of us would ! Unfortunately this guys a wanker .

    To be honest you sound like a young guy so buying a secondhand bike from this clown with no RWC I think you may be better off ..good luck with the next one
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  13. PM us all the details of the bike and where it's advertised. We can all book in to see the bike on different evenings, different times and the weekend.
    Personally i hate getting fcuked about by people that don't show up ;)
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  14. If he is such a wanker that he would go back on a "deal" I wouldn't want the bike anyway. Likely it is falling apart.
    Plenty of bikes in the parking lot. You'll find another.

  15. Gold......

    You evil genius......

    OP - do this immediately.
  16. When I sold my GPX, the guy came up looked at the bike, we negotiated and agreed on a price. He said that he had no money on him as he didn't expect to buy a bike so quickly, so we agreed, shook hands and wrote down on a piece of paper the terms of the deal. I said that I would consider the bike sold and took the bike off the internet.

    He came back nearly a week later (although I thought that I would never see him again) as agreed with the money and took the bike. Would I have sold it from under him? No. Would I have bumped the proce up? No. But that is just how I choice to do business.
  17. I would always pay a deposit. Then you can ask for a receipt for that including the agreed price. Then you have a contract in writing. People wont back out of that. $100 deposit is enough if its up to $5k
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  18. Looks like he was surprised he got full asking price and decided to jack it up.

    Considering no deposit was paid it's his prerogative to pull out of the deal, but he did back out after giving you his word, so he is a total doucebag!

    This guy deserves to be in the Douchebag of the Day thread! :finger:
  19. Bush lawyer here, but Justus can correct if I'm wrong.

    No contract without 'consideration' - money or some other thing of value changing hands. 5c would get it done, or a dollar, but a couple of hundred bucks is a better deposit. Worth having it on hand so you have the option when you're looking at a bike.

    And a written contract doesn't need legalese - both your names and the agreement to purchase at the agreed price, details of the deposit, signatures... legally binding (though in practice probably not worth suing for... lawyers cost more than what's at stake). Definitely a fair bit more protection than a handshake...

    But as has been said, if the guy is dodgy on this, what else is he dodgy on? Especially as the purchase was without roadworthy. Could easily have found yourself up for a couple of hundred bucks worth of repairs before registration.
  20. your buying a bike, sif not turn up with the ability to purchase it, i always have - but that's probably due to a few family members back in the bloodline being jew - always pay cash, always haggle...wait....am i a greek?