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Sell vs Trade In

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by polarwarp, Jun 1, 2007.

  1. Wasn't sure the best place to put this - but I bought a bike late last year and I'm just not enjoying it so was planning on selling it. I'm now thinking maybe I should have gone the scooter option. Am I still better off selling my bike and then starting fresh if I wanted to go down the scooter option - or would it be worthwhile checking out trade in deals at a scooter place? I figured a trade in would get me less for my current bike.

  2. depends if you want best dollar or not, or how soon you want to get rid of it, private sales take longer, you can get screwed around better more often then not get a better price then trdae, but with trade n's you dont have any hassels take the bike in get a cheque walk away
  3. It depends a lot on your situation. Is the bike under finance? If it is then going to a dealer will be much less hassle as private buyers sometimes balk at the idea of writing a cheque out to a finance company for the bike.

    Do you think your bike is good value (low ks, nice extras etc)? This is unlikely to move a dealer as they will simply look at what they can wholesale it for.

    Do you think the dealer will be interested in your trade? You may find that if they don't usually deal with your bike's brand they may low-ball you horribly on the trade to avoid dealing with it at all.

    A lot of a dealer's profit comes from their used stock so bear in mind that the more you get for your trade, the less they will move on the new purchase.

    IMHO, if you can clear the bike from finance and then attempt to sell it privately this gives you your best chance at coming out of the transactions well. You can always go back to the dealer later and trade it if you have no luck in the private market.

    Remember that the bike is more valuable to you than any dealer or potential buyer, so keep your expectations in check.

    Good luck
  4. What is it about the bike you're not enjoying? Is it just a confidence thing?

    We can't have you going over to the dark side! :p
  5. ill give u $200 for it.

    scooter is worse than a bike, i dont see ur logic.
    U will always get alot more private sale. Work out if ur timeis worth the hassle of meeting and talkin to people, would also help to know what biek u ave
  6. I have sold many bikes and cars in the past. Let me know what make model and year. Can let you know back some helpful approaches.

    Trading in can help you establish a relationship with your dealer (if you intend later on to go back).

    Selling your self is easy as long as you follow few simple rules on acting as a vendor, and covering yourself. Money return will be better.

    Note, modifications to bikes also don't get any payback from dealers.
    e.g. any exhaust etc.
  7. Thanks for all the feedback! Looks like I need to try talking to a couple of places to see if I can get an idea of how much they'd offer me - I'm expecting to lose money on my bike, just preferably get as much back as possible!!

    Have had one accident due to an idiot - so partly a confidence thing after that, but in general really not enjoying the whole learning to ride process so I'd rather get my money back and go for either a new car, or a scooter (depending on if I find I enjoy riding that more).

    Its a kawasaki gpx 250 2007 model (with no modifications) with less than 1000km on it - so I won't be accepting $200 for it ;) I potentially have someone who will sell it on my behalf if I go down that path, hence why this post isn't in the classifieds section. Its also not under restricted finance so thankfully don't have that hassle.
  8. I traded my cbr 250 R at a dealer for ~$3500 and i had advertised on bikesales for $4000. So i lost at $500 but got rid of it almost instantly.
  9. If you have to sell it then do so, but you've only done 1000kms, so maybe do another 1000 and you will probably change your mind.
    If you do have to sell it then i'd suggest buying a more basic bike like a cb250 or even a ct110. If you buy the ct110 (honda), you can still have a bike and have a car. If you go to the auctions, you can pick up a ct110 for about $200.
  10. Hi polarwarp

    Where are you located? My girlfriend has an Aprilia Mojito scooter with just on 6000 k's on it in beaut condition and she is looking at getting a GPX250! If you are in Vic maybe we can work something out?

    Send me a PM if you'd like to have a chat.


  11. Dealer will always give you less money than a private sale. Otherwise the dealer wont make any money on it. Hense you will lose money.
  12. I'm confused... If you're scared to ride a bike, how is a scooter any different? Its still 2 wheels?

    The same risks apply to scooters as riding a bike... :?

    An accident would definitely crush your confidence but i assure you, with further training and coaching, you have the potential to enjoy riding.
    I would be more than happy to take you to a quiet car park and coach you a few times...

    (and im sure some of the more experiences riders would offer to help as well)

    Anyway, just my opinion... but as my bf says, if you fall off your horse, get straight back on and its only then, that you will understand why its so important to give it another go.
  13. 1000 km? You've barely even used it! I did 1000km in my first week on the bike.

    Seriously, there's quite a long learning curve on the bike, as there is on a scooter. That's why the make you have a 250 for 2 years, to soften the learning.

    Go on some group rides, find a mate to ride with. It makes a big difference if you have someone to keep an eye on you the first while.
  14. Could i suggest getting some lessons from someone that knows how to ride quite well? I'm sure that there would be some netriders that would love to help you and show you how to ride better. Its crushing to have an accident, but such is life. Where are you?
  15. ouch
    bit over $4k for ur GPX i reckon, u wont get more for it. and thats with alot of luck and private sale

    spend more time on it, maybe post up in the ridin section and get someone to coach u give u some tips, as u stand to loose alot of cash.
  16. 1000km? Mate, I agree with the advice above, get on that bike and ride it for a bit. You still won't have confidence with handling the bike after so few kilometres, no wonder you are doubting yourself.
    With such low Km's you will have been relearning how to ride every time you took the bike out.
    If you sell that GPX now, you will get raped on teh resale, as they are a mature model, near the end of it's life and just don't have the appeal of the competitors models in the market anymore.
    A scooter will not cure your confidence issues if you ride it 1000kms a year either, and you will not learn a thing with those km's on any form of tranport.
    Frankly, if the bike is a problem for you, a scooter will be no better, and whatever issue it is will not go away on a scooter.
    Selling the bike is not the short term answer, the answer is finding out what it is in yourself that has a fear or dislike of the machine, working out if you can do anything about it, then considering your future on two wheels.
    It is perfectly O.K to find the risks too high in bike riding, if that is who you are, then so be it.
    But if it is a confidence thing, I know for certain more seat time, more regularly will do a lot to help you out.

    Regards, Andrew.
  17. If you feel uncomfortable on a bike, sell it. decide what you want first, and then scope out your options. if you can get decent trade in value, it might better than selling it privately.

    its your choice, dont listen to these guys. if youve decided at 1000kms that you want out, its a pretty clear indication that it just isnt for you...i dont see the logic in what everyone is saying - the thrill you get on your first real ride cant be beat. not until youre on the thousand, anyway.
  18. I agree alot with what this says. If you dont have the buzz and you are making it a chore, then take time out or move on from it. It takes a smarter person to give up something, rather than try and be a hero..
  19. i;m in the opposite situation. I bought a scooter brand new last june thinking I'd never want anything bigger, especially not a "real" motorbike, and now less than a year later I'm finding it incredibly boring to ride and I am now looking around to see if I can pick up a 250cc sports bike for around $2000, I know that's not a lot of money but I'm hoping I can find something.
  20. I don 't know if going to a scooter will help much. I ride both and find scooters are easier to ride in that there are no gears and a bit more stable as the centre of gravity is lower but you need to ride the same way: counter steer and lean. there are a few places that hire scooters so why not try one first?