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sell or not to sell Dilemma

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by patR1, Jun 4, 2010.

  1. is it me or does anyone else regret selling their baby..

    Put the bike up for sale and got a buyer, he is picking it up 2 days.... no deposit taken so not official .
    Now im getting second thoughts, been thinking about it and i want to keep it just can’t sell it as there is nothing else i can get that suits me as this machine.
    now kind of ****ed i cant sleep and i bet the new buyer can’t sleep too from excitement . Has anybody made up a bullshit storey to the seller on the last minute before his arrival to get out of selling ...
    now im forced to sell ;-(
    if so what your excuse?

  2. A year off the road is a long time.

    Sell up now, you can always buy another....the same, different , whatever.

    I sold my first VTR1000, then a year later bought another one !

  3. sell it man - more money plus, if you don't, temptation will be there and then you'll get fined again.
  4. selling dirt bike , the VTR1000F is sold - come on 6000km for the price of a 4year older models it went like hot cakes. !
    and my car is sold too yes im a heart broken, depressed i dont own anything.. just my dirtbike which was on the ads as well why i put it there i don’t know .

    speaking of riding ...the dirt bike I CAN RIDE anywhere . life is good !... no pigs in the bush .... and likely 80% of Australia is bush so i feel free again! well not when this bloke turns up this weekend
  5. Isnt that the same dirt bike you are asking in another thread about how to fix leaking gaskets and a leaking rear suspension Pat?

    Also sorry to tell you, but you will find pigs in the bush! (no pun intended).
    There are motorcycle police squads on dirt bikes in NSW and they know where people like to ride too! Was at court once (i was a witness to a domestic dispute between neighbours), and the preceeding couple of cases were a pair of riders who had been riding in the bush and it was private property.

    Also, so to stay on topic:
    My old dude bought a 1998 BMW K1200RS with 48000km on it, heaps of aftermarket mods - staintune pipe, rear shock replaced, brand spanky panniers, couple other bits and pieces, no damage at all on the bike and runs real nice... $5500. That was in december.
    edit: reading back over this, i realised my stay on topic comment was to the wrong thread - reading the two current selling bike threads at the same time... never a good idea.
  6. How much did you end up getting for it? Did you have it up on bikesales? I think I saw one selling up in Newy.
  7. The Xr not sold. told the bloke im not selling her, even with a leaking rear shock as i can fix this and own a good reliable bike. Guy was not happy when i told him i decided to keep it, so had no choice and told him ok you can have it with a leaking shock and he quickly changed his mind ;-)

    Fire storm got sold today! bloke got a nice bargain on this 6000km firestorm!

    yeah def aware of the pigz on their slow DRZ 400, but with mud on the plates and knowing the trails like the back of my hand it be interesting how close the drz can follow ;-)
  8. hmm, last I saw they were on ktm's in wagga, and DRZ's.
  9. from what i understand, i don't think the cops that ride the dirtbikes were chosen because they ride slowly.
  10. sell it so we don't have to hear you whine about how hard done by you've been :roll:
  11. I doubt that the cops they put on the dirt bikes are going to be fat arsed desk jockeys either - never underestimate the skills of the copper chasing you.
  12. Yeah exactly - I've never been chased and never want to. Hell, being pulled over still gets me frazzled sometimes.

    And mmm...money for another bike is always a good thing, especially in this kind of market.

    - boingk
  13. a mate of mine lives on canobolas mountain in orange, right next a forest reserve. He goes riding all the tie there and gets chased regularly by the cops on dirt bikes.Never caught him but iv heard they fine/impound your bike when they do. I am also told they are pure rubbish at riding :p
  14. What website did you use to sell the bikes, i got a couple of bikes that i want to put up for sale, just trying to figure out what will be the best site to use.

    Bikesales - tradingpost - Ebay - Netrider ?
  15. bikesales is good, but depending on bike it can get lost in the crowd. Trading post doesn't really have the same exposure, but does have less bikes so yours will get seen. The flip side is people will look elsewhere for more options. Netrider is ok but you need to be a member and will need to leave contact details visible for non-users to contact you.
  16. gumtree is free and surprisingly getting popular, i did get phone call from it. I advertise at bikesales $50 per ad, and gumtree, at the end of the day it does not matter where you advertise, if you really want to sell it drop the price and it be gone in winter, otherwise wait till summer and you should get more $ and def sell it quick