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Self vent

Discussion in 'Your Near Misses - A Place to Vent' started by POPEYE, Sep 4, 2011.

  1. total brain fade today....stopped at a red light turning right onto a on ramp heading north up the south dowling freeway from wentworth ave tight 130 deg turn on to the on ramp from a set of red lights...

    instead of my usual cautiousness, i gassing it out of the turn off the lights like a total squid, full lean on lukewarm tyres ](*,), hung off the bike, & went for the knee down! wtf am i doing! next thing i know i am ass down & shiny new gixxer not so shiny](*,)=D>

    i have no idea what came over me seriously! i usually only ride to my own comfort level & i dont normally ride with others since i am so easily stimulated....& i keep this shit on the track

    thank god i was wearing full leathers, boots & all....many, many thanks for the older couple that stopped, i really appreciate your concern

    just total stupidity, been doing so well staying out of trouble & not having any close calls the past two years & then this, maybe i shouldn't have been watching 'fast bikes' last night, wearing full leathers did make me feel more hyped, watching motogp, a couple of wheelies in my favorite practice spot earlier all culminated into one douche bag moment!!!:-({|=

    monkey see monkey do...........
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  2. Aww dude, that's a real c*nt.
    And let the first man who isn't guilty of the same thing (regardless the outcome) cast a stone...
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  3. The highs and lows brother....we ride them all.
  4. .... I have a self vent too!!.... oh wait!....8-[

    .... brain fade can get to us all at times... I had one on Saturday on a road I know well... I thought I was reading a car driver well....and I seriously was not!....

    Put it into your experience bag.... and refer to as needed.... :)
  5. you are a legend friend.

    Squid on.
  6. Aaah mate, I know your pain all too well. Just don't beat yourself up too much over it, take it as a lesson well learned and move on. Thanks for manning up and admitting to everyone your mistake... maybe a couple of people will think twice before doing something silly like you did.
  7. Don't worry man, I got a $371 fine for speeding in the cage thankfully, Day after my Birthday, on a road I have driven many times forgetting it was a 50 zone not 60!
  8. Thanks for the advise guys, i am no real stranger too crashing, but this is my first one on the road in 2 years & was avoidable, thats why i am so shitty....already moved on & planning my next ride.

    bike only requires a replacement lower panel, clutch cover & footpeg no big deal.

    i only have one question, should i replace my helmet? not sure if i landed on it no scratches dints or any sign of crack in the foam looking from the inside, it was a unique one with a sun visor & visor combined.

    something inside me says better to replace
  9. Sorry to hear bout your bike dude.......brain fade happens, lucky your not injured......thats the main thing. See ya at the track though :).
  10. Why replace it? If it hit the road, it'd be scratched up. If it's not, then it did'nt....and if it did'nt then there's no need.