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VIC Self retrieval of stolen bike - legal or not?

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by Kernel, Sep 7, 2011.

  1. Let me pose to you a hypothetical situation:
    I do not have theft insurance on my motorcycle, but I have a good GPS tracker installed. I regularly check the battery and charge the battery whenever it is running low.
    One Thursday night I go to my garage to take my bike to the Thursday Night PMR, however I discover that the bike is missing, despite the fact that I parked it there in the afternoon and have not moved it since.
    So I hop in my Hilux 4WD ute, wip out my phone, and send a text to my GPS tracker requesting its coordinates. I get the coordinates back, and I plug them into my GPS navigator. My bike is in some avenue about an hour's drive away.
    So I drive to the location, look around for a bit, and discover my bike parked behind some person's shed in their backyard. I can easily get the ute into the backyard since the gate is unlocked and I have a ramp in the back of the ute.
    Rather than get the police to come out, have it towed and get a substantial towing bill I decide to retrieve my bike myself. So I set the ramp out, go to my bike, shift it into neutral, load it into my ute and drive home.

    Is what I've just done legal or not?
  2. Interesting question... but i'm no lawyer haha what's the name of your GPS tracker? sounds like a good plan
  3. Did you report it stolen ?
  4. I'll pose this to you, why wouldn't you call the Police on those bike thieves? Might stop them doing it again.

    If you reported your bike stolen, then found your bike, called the Police to say you've found it you wouldn't have to get it towed at all.

    Also if they were low enough to steal your bike and you went into their backyard to get it back what do you think they might do to you if they caught you?
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  5. Ok well I would report it stolen just before I head out to retrieve it, then once I found it I'd say I've found the bike and I am taking it home.

    The thought did cross my mind yes, I guess I'll need to take something to defend myself with and invest in martial arts lessons. I'm thinking Ninjutsu.
  6. Go to theif's place, see bike, find out where theif's Mum lives, fuck her and take pics, go steal back bike, leave pics with note not to do it again.

    Who cares what is legal
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  7. As long as you have a plan when you go around.:wink:

    But for mine if some fcker stole my bike I would something done about it/to them.
  8. Having had a bike stolen, and now having a GPS tracker I can say this. If my bike gets stolen, I will be getting a baseball bat and I will go to retreive it. I will get to the location and I will call the cops and warn them they have ten minutes to get there before I forcibly retreive my bike. Legal or not, I dont give a fuck, its my bike and I am getting it back.

    I put my money on the cops getting there promptly. IF not, stiff shit. I am not going to kill anyone, but I will take back what is mine.
  9. I have the same attitude mate.
  10. Not sure on legalities of doing this, but just remember they know where you live so if (s)he/they see you or something they might want to get even.

    Reminds me of the scene from that movie Van Wilder - except with dog seman lol.
  11. in the same respect...you know where they live aswell...so i'd sit out the front of the said house after calling the cops with a big grin on your face so they KNOW you know where they live and that you mention it in ear-shot to the coonts that all your vehicle's have gps trackers
  12. i'd spot the bike, drive home, call the cops, tell them someone stole your bike, but you know where it is. meet them there, charge the ****s, then take your bike.
  13. I haven't been through this before.. but why would you get a substantial towing bill for the Cops recovering your bike?

    That doesn't sound right (Which isn't to say it's not what happens)

    Personally, I think I'd sit out the front and call the cops and explain the situation to them and make them come and do something about the rotten bastards.
  14. I think you miss the point about me giving a fuck.

    And mate, I ride a motorbike to work everyday, whats that saying about the value I place on my life ;)
  15. Ethically 2 wrongs don’t make a right.
    For you to retrieve your bike would be trespassing which is breaking the law.
    You are better to call the police and have the police attend the scene.
  16. My bike (185ER) got stolen in 1995 it was a dual sport and got stripped and then they blew it up when the cops were chasing them. No oil in a two stroke.

    The cops didn't make me pay for recovery.
  17. lol.. I like you style..you'd hope she's hot at least
  18. get the cops to sort it out

    For a change , OMFG they made a case and a arrest
  19. You'd kinda want her to be astonishingly ugly, just so they know the lengths you'll go to.
  20. Previous experience suggests to me that it depends on the dollar value of the crime as to how the police treat it. Low level stuff seems to go straight into the stats and forgotten about (from personal experience). But once it gets to a certain dollar value they jump all over it and it gets handed to the detectives (again, from personal experience). Don't know for sure what that value is, but it was hinted to me that $10k is a threshold for something being classed as 'major crime'.

    So, tell them it's a new Ducati, that you're sitting outside waiting, and watch them light up the neighbourhood :grin:
    Wonder what would happen if you also hinted at firearms? :wink: