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Self promotion - a Transformers birthday lol

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by Bluesuede, May 19, 2008.

  1. Hey all,

    Well my son turns 5 today. He's mad for all things Transformers (we have all the G1 DVD's which he and my daughter love to watch).

    So for his birthday, what did he want? A Transformers cake - well Optimus Prime to be exact.

    So Daddy made him one. I'm pretty pleased with how it turned out (my kids loved it!) so I thought I'd show you all :grin:

    I now present - Optimus Prime!


    (I know this is a little self indulgent - I just wanted to show off the cake to some others. It should be being devoured shortly by all his friends at kindergarten. sorry!)
  2. that's fricking AWESOME!
  3. Sweet!!

    With all that icing, very sweeeet!

    It is more than meets the eye!

  4. is it just me or the fact thats its rapidly approaching "morno's"

    but i really really want to eat some of that. looks tasty. nj
  5. that is awesome!

  6. that totally rules!
  7. Damn dude, nice cake, i would have loved that as a kid! By why did you do Optimus, everyone knows Megatron rules!! :grin:
  8. Thanks guys :)

    Thanks mate - the choice of character was up to my son - and Optimus is his favourite! :grin:
  9. should have made one with the "hot chick" from the transformers movie....just for dad
  10. :LOL: I think I'd rather a bigger cake that she jumped out of... :wink:
  11. Yeah, i think i was just a disturbed kid. I always went for the bad guys in pretty much all the shows i used to watch as a kid :grin:
  12. That's a pretty good cake, Mr BestDadInTheWorld...
  13. I'm not showing this to my 4yr old, then he will expect me to make him something as good as that!

  14. or even if she was covered in cake....

    ...if that's your thing :LOL:
  15. That - is - fantastic!

    I love it. Here's how I keep my helmet whilst at work...why? hell I don't know. For my own amusement.

    It "Optimash Prime" - a transformers version Mr Potato Head. He looks pretty keen to take the bike out. I haven't let him. Yet. :cool:
  16. Holy crap that is AMAZING.

    I couldn't even draw an optimus prime that good, let alone make one thats ready to eat!

  17. now throw the cake at a wall and see if it transforms into a truck!
  18. Well some more shameless self promotion! :LOL: It's my daughter's 7th birthday tomorrow and well...she's into Bratz...so of course Daddy had to make her a cake too. I've just finished it and am pretty pleased with it.

    I give you...


  19. I wouldn't back-hand that slut for fi' dollaz.

    Bring back Optimus Prime!
    I refuse to believe he was eaten by 5 year olds until you produce a 'Hotrod with the Matrix' cake.

    ... and I trust you already have plans for a Unicron pinäta, yes?
  20. wow thats a great job bluesuede.
    hey its my birthday soon and im into boobies (hint,hint). :wink: