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Self-made carb sync tool: can't find parts.

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' started by Ckramer, Apr 18, 2008.

  1. I want to make card sync tool and have read a lot about how easy it is to make it. Like on this famous address: http://www.powerchutes.com/manometer.asp

    Yes, it's easy. If you can find the "simple parts".
    I am talking about transparent plastic tube.

    It's absolutely impossible to find it. I've been to car/bike parts shops, Bunnings, Jaycar, and last I've read it can be found in pharmacy. It's not there too.

    It's not possible to find that tubing in the internet too. :(

    Anyone made the tool? Where did you get the damn tube?
  2. Ummmmm, Bunnings sell it by the metre.

    Aquarium shops sell it too but bunnings is cheaper.
  3. get a nebuliser mask from the chemist :!:
    it should have a metre or two at least.
    though i am astounded that you cant get it from bunnings :?
  4. Supercrap had it last time I looked. Windscreen washer tube. Various useful T-pieces to suit as well.
  5. pretty sure clarck rubber got it aswell.
  6. I've seen tubing at Bunnings.

    Never used the tool but did read a tip that sounded sensible. Use petrol as the marker liquid, that way if it's accidently sucked into the carbs there's no drama. Makes sense to me, provided of course the petrol doesn't start dissolving the plastic tubing. But I guess it's not exposed for that long.