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Self Healing Paint

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by jd, Dec 14, 2005.

  1. Found this on the Carpoint website, obviously it's been designed for cars but I wonder if it's a technology that would cross over well to bikes (certainly be useful for some riders)

    Nissan claims to have developed the world's first self-repairing clear coat paint. And its set to debut the technology on one of its SUVs...

    No, there's no need to check the date. It's not April 1... Nissan has developed what it claims is the world’s first clear coat that repairs itself.

    Dubbed Scratch Guard Coat, the paint self-heals, repairing scratches from car-washing machines, off-road driving and fingernails, Nissan claims

    Says Nissan, Scratch Guard Coat contains a newly-developed high-elastic resin that helps prevent scratches from affecting the inner layers of a car’s painted surface. With Scratch Guard Coat a scratched surface will return to its original state anywhere from one day to one week after damage. Timing depends on the ambient temperature and the depth of the scratch.

    The water-repellant paint also has a higher resistance to scratches when compared with conventional clear paints. According to Nissan, a vehicle painted with Scratch Guard Coat will exhibit only one-fifth the abrasions caused by a car-washing machine compared with a car covered with conventional clear paint. Scratches from car-washing machines account for the majority of scratches to painted car surfaces.

    The self-healing effect is active for about three years, the maker says.

    And yes, it is coming to production vehicles. Nissan says Scratch Guard Coat will be applied for the first time on an SUV model that is scheduled for a partial makeover in the near future.

    The paint will be applied to the car’s chassis, bumpers, door mirrors and other parts.
  2. Matty, get yourself some Nissan shares.
  3. All we need now is 'self healing' riders.
  4. As a paint chemist, I love this sort of stuff. The technology they are coming up with now days is amazing.

    Water-borne polymers that are as clear and hard yet flexible as the old solvent based laquers.

    100 % solids paint with no VOC's.

    Nano technology (Silica Based) to improve abrasion and UV resistance.

    Sounds like Nissan are hoping the elastic top coat will prevent scratchs from affecting the coloured midcoats.

    Thanks JD
  5. hehe im getting ideas for SiFi stories here.... "Unstopable paint takes over America"

    we didnt realise it would continue to replicate itself, but its too late now... The paint has taken over.
  6. Only question is could the same self-healing clear coat be applied to helmet visors.
  7. Do you mean that it is a seperate 'clearcoat' over the colour coat, or that the color coat itself has a clear layer after drying?
  8. A little bit more difficult.

    Adhesion to perspex/polycarbonate?
    Change in light diffraction (or is it refraction, I can never remeber)?

    Some guys here have a handy way of removing scratches, but I forget what it is.
  9. its not going to make one ounce of differance here .
    The was netriders chuck em down the road it removes the whole panel let alone the top coat :roll:
  10. Most cars now have a clear coat applied over a coloured basecoat. It sounds like Nissan (most likely another paint company Dupont, PPG or Nippon) is developing the elasticity into the clear coat to protect damage to the underlying colour coats (midcoat). It also sounds like a separate clear coating will be applied over the regular paint finish (e-coat, coloured midcoats and clear coat).

    I am interested in the mechanics behind this as car paint is quite a complex beast. You need both hardness and abrasion resistance yet flexibility to prevent cracking from minor dings and heat expansion. A bit of a catch 22 situation?
  11. Put me down for one self healing shoulder thanks. :wink:
  12. Half of Australia is thinking....

    "I cant wait to scratch one of those cars..."
  13. Half of Australia plus one now!
  14. I read about this in the local paper yesterday....sounds like something I could use :oops: :p :LOL:

    :D :D :D
  15. And the other half is thinking "Mine doesn't have that paint, I hope that other half doesn't pick on me!"
  16. This sounds like a car-salesman's dream... optional $1000 extra for 'self healing paint'

    they were probably already selling it before it was even invented.