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Self Defence & Road Rage

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Jordz, Mar 16, 2007.

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  1. I know a few guys who now carry extendable batons, for self defence because of the increase in road rage incidences. What’s everyone’s views on carrying a “weapon†for self-defence while riding?

    Personally I have thought about it having been put in a few situations of a high level of road rage
  2. Who needs a weapon?
  3. I find a baseball bat in a sling over your back makes people think twice about messing with you. Or you could just ride a harley :grin:
  4. Imagion if you got pulled over with a baseball bat strapped to your back, you'd have to think of something real quick...although you could get away with "im going to practise"...maybe.
  5. I never said they were wankers, trust me they are. I dont agree with it. but at times its something that would probably come in handy (but also land you in jail)
  6. I know what you said. I'm the one whos telling you they are wankers.
    I've been locked up for simply carrying a concealed weapon let alone use one.

    If you got a family, its not worth it matey, no matter what the level of rage.
  7. its ok, all you have to do is head butt with ya helmet, you know, if worst comes to worst. you're in gear, your ok.
  8. Time to look in the mirror I say, and find out what it is that you're doing that's pissing off the hotheads so much.

    Despite what most people say, most road rage indicidents usually started as a battle of egos over occupying the same piece of road some time before the road rage incident occurs, or in some case, someone's being an arse and would like to feel "first" and in control for a change, and then you come along and spoil their illusion by overtaking them. The ones who get upset in this situation are usually pretty easy to pick out, 'cos they do try to stop you from overtaking. Back off for 1 minute, let them cool down and let some other cars pass them, and then try again.

    In my experience, road rages incidents escalate because both parties at some point were actively and consciously escalating the situation, and the "victims" damn well know it, despite whether or not they'll ever admit it.

    Look in the mirror. There ARE hotheads out there. The trick is to avoid road rage incidents in the first place, not escalate them and start carrying weapons for self defense for when you do ultimately piss someone off enough. We're on bikes. They're in cars. Doesn't take much brains to figure out what's going to happen if they decide to use their car as a weapon. What's your pissy little baton going to do then?
  9. :applause: :applause: :applause: Stew......
  10. :WStupid:

    [​IMG] Cathar.
  11. Weapon = right wrist + 1/3 width of a car.

    You produce a baton, they produce a gun.
  12. First let me say I agree with the above and restoring to carrying weapons just makes it more likely that you'll get your ass handed to you by someone crazier than you are.

    Having said that - if you decide that you are gonig to - for gods sake don't do something as dumb as carrying something that's obviously a weapon

    Unless you're on your way to a martial arts class - you have no way of justifying an extendable baton.
    A spanner or tyre lever on the other hand...

    but seriously - it just makes you more likely to pick a fight with someone bigger enought hat it won't help - or better than you at fighting - and then you're getting your ass handed to you with your own weapon
  13. Indeed. I have a friend who was into the whole fight scene, martial arts, was a bouncer, and so on.

    We occasionally spoke about his colorful past, and on the topic of weapons in fights he had this to say:

    "The only weapons you should bring to a fight are those that you're prepared to have taken off you, and used against you"
  14. Yep, +1 Cathar. The mere addition of a weapon to any situation immediately heightens the risk significantly. Bikes should definitely be exercising the GTFOOT (get the *&$^# out of there) option at every opportunity... and yeah, road rage is basically a penis measuring contest with the delightful added prospects of injury and arrest. If you're secure enough to *know* that yours is (metaphorically speaking) freakin' huge, then you don't need to participate.
  15. +1 Cathar

    one of my mates is an officer with Australia's finest (do we have an "irony" emoticon?), and he said the only thing one can carry and not receive a charge of concealed weapon was MR. Maglite. Mind you mr. Maglite can come in all shapes, sizes and lengths, and loaded with D-cell batteries weighs in hefty too...
  16. Again, all im gonna say about weapons is dont carry em for show. If you wanna carry make sure you know how to use the thing and more importantly your prepared to use it without hesiatation. Anything else will more than likely just leave you far worse off in the end.
  17. +1 and it could always be used AGAINST you!
    How about just twisting the right wrist and buggering off out of there.
    Let them have a heart attack over someone else.
  18. Just throttle away in my opinion.
  19. Honestly...the best weapon you have on a motorbike, is the ability to "escape" from any impending road rage incident....

    When it comes to weapons, the average 1 ton car is the best weapon someone can have - you seriously do NOT want to mess with a nutter when he has control of his car.

    Instead...ESCAPE...get the rego, and make a report to the cops.

    If it's just the usual arm waving and yelling, ignore it or have your say, but if it gets to serious rad rage - piss off quickly. :grin:

    BTW...if I was in my car and had an incident with your mates and they produced their "weapons" and I felt threatened...I would not hesitate to drive right over the top of them AND/OR their bikes!!...they seriously need to pull their heads in!
  20. Good point, glove armour HURTS! :grin:
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