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Self contained (family) accomodation in or near Sydney

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by I'm Simon, Jun 12, 2007.

  1. G'day all, I am looking at taking the family (wife & 2 kids) to Sydney for 4 or 5 days in the very near future.

    Ideally I guess I am looking for 2 bedroom with cooking facilities that is close to public transport so that we can travel into the City etc. Location doesn't need to be in the city, but preferably a nice area within 30 minutes of the CBD via public transport.

    Any recommendations ?

  2. Hey hopper,

    Just an idea, check out Formule 1

    They dont offer cooking facilities but its quite cheap and the rooms are very decent! I would suggest either the Sydney aiport which isnt too far from the city or Kings Cross.

    Kings Cross is 5 mins from the city but the nightly activities arent very family suited and sometimes a little scary :roll:
    (i.e. Strip joints, hookers, junkies etc - you know, the family sort :shock: :LOL: )

    I guess it also depends on how much you want to pay...

    Alco check out check-in.com.au and hotel.com.au

    Good luck :)
  3. gaahaha i like the location of those hotels :LOL:
  4. rofl

    "Good evening, sir, and welcome to the Formula1 hotel. We certainly hope you and your secretary enjoy your extra-marital affair... tightarse." :p

    But so I'm not just a useless wiseass - I'd recommend a furnished apartment. Plenty are available for short stays, like you're describing.
  5. bwahahahahaha...thanks ktulu ...am checking them out
  6. You spoil your secretary ,nothing but the best. :LOL: .

    I think formula 1 ,charges by the minute.
  7. Ok, found a nice 2 bdrm apartment in Camperdown / Glebe, just off Parramatta Rd, opposite the Uni of Sydney. Price was reasonable, less than the majority of Sydney Hotels.

    Ok...all I need now from any Sydney siders is recommendations of eatery's & things to do / visit around the area, from my calculations I will be situated only approx 4k's from Darling Harbour - this sound right ?

    For anyone that knows the area, is there a shopping centre close by ?
  8. sounds about right, there's Broadway shopping center nearby, has supermarket, shops, cinemas and the old favourite intensity...

    Parra rd is very well serviced by buses. Make sure you stop in at Deus Ex Machina in camperdown (its on parra rd)... good cafe and great shop for cafe racers!
  9. Every Thurs - Sat there's "Paddy's Markets" near/in Chinatown.
    Just down from Central Station. everyone know where it is.

    Could also check out Bondi Beach... Pretty chilly this time of year but there are some cool places to eat etc...

    I dont know how old your kids are but if they're teenagers, they'll prob enjoy the shops along Kings St/Enmore Rd - Newtown...

    Right near Broadway shopping centre and about 4 min bus from Central Station...
  10. on sundays i think it is there is a really nice market in the rocks area.

    as for the kids - sydney aquarium, luna park, climb centre point, buskers around darling harbour. just jump on a ferry and ride around the harbour, fish and chips at muirs (think that how it spelt)

    feel free to add on to this anyone.

    if u interested the harbour bridge walk is fantastic takes up almost half a day and is a thing to remember for rest of ure life but u have to book. and is not very cheap but i highly recomend it.
  11. All great ideas, thanks all. Kids are 13 & 10, I think the Zoo is also on the itinerary, couple of friends have told me to check out the Sydney fish market too. Is the Centrepoint Tower viewing area worth doing ?
  12. yeah... once :p

    +1 for Fish Markets. You can get cooked food there, and it's always interesting to go around looking at weird fish they've caught.

    Go in the morning for fresh calimari and prawns for breakfast - and before things start to smell too bad.

    ... ahh bugger it, go in the afternoon on a hot day when the place reeks: it's character building :p
  13. All good tips for things to do from the guys.

    From where you staying it's really easy to get into the city ,like 10 minutes on the bus and alot of buses every few minutes.
    The bus runs down parramatta road and onto george street{ main street of the city} and take you to The rocks ,The Quay{ferrys} and near darling harbour ,5 mintes walk from the bus.
    A ride on the ferry to Manly and lunch over there on the beach is a good way to see the harbour and a cheap day out.

    You can do a history tour of The Rocks area pretty cheap ,you walk around with a guide for a few hours.

    Or you can buy me a 6 pack and I'll drink it while I show you the area ,because I've lived there most of my life. :wink:

  14. norton st is the sydney version of lygon, Good food
    but gleb it's self has some really good little cafes
    there 4.50 thai on pymont bridge rd and glebe point rd (might be gone)

  15. Museum of Contemporary Art is free to check out.
    Pancakes On The Rocks is nearby, and a solid feed.

    Get a whit beer from the Lowenbrau before hopping on the Monorail, and you'll have pretty much done Sydney :)