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Selection Woes - advice needed

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by alungski, May 12, 2012.

  1. Hi all,

    the minister of finance has approved the purchase of a new toy. I've settled(ish) on a sport tourer - newer than 2000, less than 40k, around $10k (or less) and preferably with panniers.
    so far I've tested (and in the order of 'i like it, dunno why')

    Aprilia Futura RST1000 (beatiful, well maintained, all the kit - but spare parts?)
    Sprint ST 955 (just like the Futura, really but better access to parts)
    'Zuki Bandit 1250 ABS (does what it says on the box)

    though the order would be reversed for practicality. With the bandit I didn't even feel the wind but on the Futura it was like a sail.

    Both the ST's left my wrists a bit sad (i know, harden up:nopity:), but were fun.
    The Bandit did everything but be exciting.

    I don't need it for commuting (at the moment), just fun rides and some long touring, maybe twice a year.
    Any suggestions???
  2. Buy the Bandit; it might be unexciting, but it will wheedle its way into your affections by doing everything well and not costing a Lotto win to maintain
  3. thanks Hornet...

    that's also what my head is telling me.
    So, do I confuse things further by asking 'what's similar to the Bandit?' or is it best of breed?

  4. You can still buy a new Bandit; some years ago you could buy a 900 Honda Hornet, but it's only available as second hand.

    You could get the Suzuki 1400 naked bike too, but the Bandit seems to be a very popular package; we have a rider here on the South Coast who has had four of them in a row. He sold the second one to buy another candidate, a Kawasaki Z1000, spent a fortune on bling and stuff for it, then sold it to buy another Bandit!

    edit, forgot the mighty Honda CB-1300, old-school dual-shock big naked bike

    and the Yamaha FJ-1300 too :oops:
  5. CBR1100XX blackbird. Easy to find one under budget to leave plenty of coin for a good panier setup.