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Selecting the First Bike

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by Wolverine1809, Mar 22, 2012.

  1. Hi,
    I just obtained my license and I still havent decided on which bike I would like to get. I have narrowed it down to the three following:
    Kawasaki Ninja 250R
    Hyosung GT250R
    Honda CBR 250R
    Im really stuck, any tips or advice would be greatly appreciated.

  2. Me again, see my post on LAMS coming soon to West Australia in your other thread. If WA is not LAMS for a while then I would say get the Ninja. The Hyosungs have a patchy reputation for reliability although it seems to be improving. The CBR is a fine reliable bike. Sit on both of them and see what feels right.
  3. I've the Ninja 250R and it's a great bike, very easy to learn on. Both the Ninja 250R and CBR 250R are great bikes, the best way to decide would be to sit on one and take it for a test run if possible. I'm am not sure about the Hyosung, so far the reviews seem to go both ways.
  4. NINJAAAA. Because I wanted one. >.>

    Everyone seems to have a different preference and the reasons are the often repeated. Pick which one tugs at your heartstrings (naw, so nice) the most. For me it was the Ninja, but I ended up with an R15 anyway, which I love!

    Ninja - "Tried and trusted" machine that Kawasaki haven't needed to change around lots. Or, "20 year old crap" that Kawasaki never bothered to change.
    Hyo - "Good learner bike to get yourself started" or "Crap"
    CBR250R - "Great reliable bike for new riders" (I'm assuming you mean the new CBR250) or "That is NOT a CBR!"

    I'm a bit iffy about the CBR personally. Others, feel free to tell me otherwise, but the general impression I have is that it's just all a bit too "easy". Nice, smooth this and that, ABS (optional), wonderful commuter, etc. See http://www.motorcycle-usa.com/115/8729/Motorcycle-Article/2011-Honda-CBR250R-First-Ride.aspx
    I think I personally just wasn't comfortable on the CBR. Seat wasn't quite right, felt like the fairings were porcelain and oh-so-fragile. Also just sayin', that exhaust is FUUUUGLY. :p

    Then again, I found the Ninja to be a bit too top-heavy for me to start out on. Seems to be love or hate with this bike; it's still carby and not EFI like the CBR. As an aside, Oggy knobs are easily fitted on them. When I was looking at that and the CBR, the majority of the staff in the bike stores were iffy about fitting them to the CBR. "Oh, hmm -looks at bike- yeah, we'd probably have to drill the fairing" which is fair enough but some people don't like doing that.

    Not much comment on the Hyo except that I just wasn't interested. :p

    Keen to see what you end up with. Happy shopping!
  5. Can't go wrong with the Ninja, and theres a lot of 2nd hand ones on the market.

    If you got the cash go for the Ninja.
  6. Twin cylinder over single cylinder, go the ninja :)
  7. four cylinders over two, get a CBR RR or zx2r
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  8. What is your height and weight?

    The Hyosung is a heavier bike. Seat height is similar though
  9. My height it 192cm, weight 96kgs. so thats another reason I was looking at the Hyosung
  10. Good lams bikes have 4 Cylinders and 16 valves.

    If the bike your looking at does have that, it probably wont be very good.
  11. Might be a bit small and slow for someone your height/weight, thought about a CB400?
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  12. Be careful in yur advice here guys, Western Australia does not currently have LAMS so the OP is restricted to 250s. From the WA Dept of Transport

    What you can ride if you are authorised to drive an R-E (Motorcycle) class vehicle

    If you are granted a driver’s licence authorising you to ride an R-E class vehicle (Motorcycle) you can ride a motorcycle as described below:

    A motorcycle with or without a side car attachment, with an engine capacity not exceeding 250cc
    A motor carrier with an engine capacity not exceeding 250cc.
  13. First thing is, decide what you want the bike to do.
    Are you learning, and require a more forgiving engine?
    You obviously don't want to ride trails, etc.
    You seem to have decided on a 250 rr (if that exists)

    Any of the big four bikes will be great, these will be plenty fast enough for a learner. I wouldn't go below 250 cc for a four stroke.

    If you ALREADY can ride pretty well, NSR 150 are very fast two stroke bikes.
    i wouldn't recommend as a first bike because they are quite quick. (will go 210 kph)
  14. I bought a CBR250R, love it to bits. To me the Ninja is a better looking bike, but the instruments on the CBR250R are much better looking. Do you stand next to your bike looking at it all day or do you ride it? Was an easy option for me.

    Also I'm 5'8 and not the most staunch dude, the Honda is easy as hell to pull around.
  15. Even more reason to get a proper 250 or at least a VTR then... Yes the 4 pots are still only twofiddies but on LAMS you'll appreciate every extra horse
  16. Forgive my ignorance, but does that mean I can get an RE licence in WA and ride an RS250? OH MY GOD I LIVE IN THE WRONG PLACE.

    GET AN RS250 OP. RS250.
  17. I would assume they have similar clauses to NSW which ban the 250 2 smokers