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Seen in the wild

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by nil_orally, Nov 22, 2006.

  1. Is it just me, or does this look like a well known Victorian Netrider?


    Go on Bob, prove it's not you. Show us your tatts.

  2. :LOL: :LOL: :LOL: david atenburough would be proud you have caught on film the rare industrialised warf farie... :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:
  3. Ah yes, the Hairy Fairy - an unattractive but charitable individual.

    He's jetting quickly to get between Vic and the UK on such a regular basis though.
  4. Well, Bob does like to get around a bit.....
  5. the hairy fairy lives on a diet of tabacco and beer nectar. their habitat is almost always tavern like in appearance.

    once must exersize great caution when aproaching the hairy fairy. they are startled easily and spit a venomous poison from their eyes when frightened.