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Seeking Touring Partner/s

Discussion in 'Roads, Touring, Journeys, and Travel' started by ozrider, Apr 21, 2008.

  1. Hi Guys

    I am looking for riding partners preferanbly for long trips. Sorry can not go off road.

    Any one interested? I am in Coffs Harbour but will travel to meet any one who would like to join me on trips.

  2. define long trips? 2-4 days or longer?
  3. Sorry for not responding earlier. I guess I measure distances by kms rather than days. Say anything over 1000km I would personally classify as "long".

  4. Well you'll find plenty of rides on Netrider and you'll find plenty of adventure riding on www.advrider.com.
  5. i try and do at least 4 or 5 long trips a year , generally 3 or 4 day trips around 2000kms , time is my only issue as i have to get time off work :roll:

    so depending on when it is :grin:
  6. Ok, here it is, since you twisted my both arms. End of May or in the first half of June 2008 I have a lose plan to tour Australia doing the coastline route.

    Have not finalised the plans yet, but I will be heading south from Coffs Harbour, into Sydney then onto Princess Highway towards Melbourne, then Adelaide and towards WA and north into NT and then QLD.

    As I said, at the moment this is a very lose plan, but it will be finalised in the next 2 weeks or so. Don't know about the duration of the entire trip yet.

    If any one wants to join me for all or only part of the journey, please get in touch.

    Before making a decision to join or not to join me, you might want to know the following:

    I am 52. I ride a big bore cruiser (Yamaha RoadStar). I only ride day time, I stick to bitumen roads and I don't ride in the wet unless I really have to.

    Cheers guys

  7. Will keep an eye on the topic and possibly meet up somewhere along the road. For one day longer rides take a look at this site of mine http://www.farriders.com
  8. Many thanks Davo.

    I have visited your website several times. I don't believe I will be covering 1000kms on any day on my trip except maybe when crossing the Nullarbor, in which case I wouldn't mind crossing the entire stretch of 1200kms in one go as I don't fancy overnighting anywhere on that stretch. I did the Nullarbor 18 months ago by car.

    Would love to meet you somewhere along the way. Where are you located ?

  9. Silly me, Davo! I should have looked at your profile more closely to see your location.
  10. You are just down the road from me. I run the bottom in one go all the time (plus some) , as you say Ceduna to Norseman is 1200klms and an easy ride. We just came back Friday and fuel is 1.80 litre at Border Village and Caiguna, try for Eucla or Mundrabilla. Good link here http://www.nullarbornet.com.au/maps/nullarborM.html

    oops forgot to mention Yalata is closed and has been since mid 2006, get fuel at Ceduna, Penong, Nundroo, Nullarbor and so on. I will be doing part of it again in August http://www.farriders.com/farridebr08.htm and again in October for our GTR-AUS 5th Annual Meet this year at Busselton WA.
  11. Thanks for the info, Davo.

    At the moment I am preparing the bike for the trip. Saddlebags being installed, the (already comfy) stock seat being replaced with arguably a better one, crash bars and highway pegs being added, etc etc.

    Watch this space!!

  12. the farride to eat rides that davo organise are bloody fantastic, you don't need to cover the before the ride, as long as they are completed in a 24 hour period, if you can't complete the 1000km just means you don't get the certification, but you will meet a great bunch of people from various riding back grounds, from dual purpose-cruisers-the so called crazies on the super sports-and sports tourers-tourers

    only done my first one this year, just down the road from you, it's absolutely a fantastic experience
  13. You get an extra Gold Star now :LOL:

    Yes they are great fun and I think it's the people you meet, everyone has a huge smile. From all types of backgrounds, in all ages, on all types of bikes.
  14. Sounds great ozrider. My wife and I have been planning a similar trip which is due to take off at the end of June...see the Lap of the Map - Planning thread in this sub-forum if you're interested. It has the daily trip breakdowns which may or may not be of interest for you.

    We are however thinking of changing the plan, to just head west from Melbourne and do the trip basically as specified to Darwin, then skipping the east coast and coming down the centre then back across to Melbourne, but that's stuff for my thread later. ;)

    I'll keep an eye on your plans as any info is good info, and who knows, perhaps we'll cross paths on the black stuff.

    Butz. :beer:
  15. Thanks for the feedback, Butzull. Although I have a general idea of my trip, I am deliberately not planning it in too much detail, as a number of factors will most probably influence the trip, including the weather, road conditions, my riding mood, etc.

    I am generally planning to cover about 500kms a day, which will give me enough time for rest, sightseeing, etc.

    Have a safe trip!