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Seeking tips & info Southeast NSW

Discussion in 'Roads, Touring, Journeys, and Travel' started by titus, Feb 11, 2013.

  1. As the title says, planning a trip to include southeastern NSW and would like any info and tips on roads and places to include, and those to avoid for any reason. Local knowledge is always the best advice :)

  2. Can you be more specific? Coast or up into the ranges?
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  3. Thanks guys,
    All I know for sure is that we'll come up the Bonang to Bombala. And won't be around for long.
    Actually this is perfect, I can easily make something of this. Although (I have to ask for the sake of the sooky la la sportsbikes) Snowy River Way and Myrtle Mountain are dirt? How's Mogilla rd?
  4. All the roads I linked to are sealed. Some have a few rough patches though. Snowy River Way is freshly sealed and in very good nick. Mogilla Rd is good, but Candelo-Wolumla road is in pretty bad shape - I'm used to it - I know where all the potholes are :). Tantawangalo Mtn Rd is very scenic, but dirt.

    If you're staying overnight at Bombala, the Imperial is the go.
  5. Thank you Jazzfan, excellent info.
    Our first night is at Delegate, unsure if Bombala is an overnight stop yet (probably not), but we will definitely go through, possibly Candelo too (couple of week's time).
  6. I just want to thank Jazzfan for the great advice. Just completed a rather chequered tour through that part of the world but a few of us made it around through Mt Darragh, Myrtle Mountain and Candelo. Even in occasional rain it was a pure delight. Candelo has to be the prettiest little town in the country and we had a great time.
    The traffic on Brown Mountain was the only disappointment (along with the fog!).

    Even had an up close and personal encounter with a wedgetail eagle on the Monaro. and came away unscathed. Apart from the withering glare he cast at me.
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