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Seeking the truth, L's P's and High capacity bikes (vic)

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' at netrider.net.au started by snowktm, May 30, 2005.

  1. Hi guys,
    read through all of the forums and have come up with some conflicting informations regarding this topic.

    Although there is much conjection, from the forums i gather that if you are a learner/probey on a big bore and you get caught in vic you will cop a $105 fine with no demerit points. This is in line with the legislation i have read on the topic although the legislation seems incomplete and mainly aimed at cars.

    I wrote to Vicroads and they have informed me that if caught, the rider could recieve an on the spot fine of $511 or if taken to court the maximum court fine is $2556 and up to 3 months imprisonment. Apparently riding a bike outside of the conditions under which your licence is issued is regarded as unlicensed riding. Is this true or B/S, because it certainly doesn't apply to cars.

    I know that they are probably just blowing smoke but i was wondering if there is anyone out there who ACTUALLY knows these laws and their consequenses if broken.

  2. I don't know the actual law but I do know of people that have copped a $105 fine with no demerit points for riding a bike bigger in capacity that what their licence allows.

    Not much help I know but hey...........
  3. Wouldn't mind knowing the real answer to your question as well, because I am lead to believe that it's just a $105 fine as you indicated.

    What happens to a probationary driver caught driving a V8, would this be considered the same fine etc.?
  4. i know 2 ppls that have been done, both $105 (or $107 or something) and no points. i spose they might cotton on to it and give you a bit of hell if they catch you a few times, but i havn't heard of it happening....
  5. Actually it does apply to cars, they just don't enforce it (unless they have a crackdown along Chapel St).

    Why? Were you planning to ride a higher capacity bike before restrictions are over?
  6. So why is it enforced on bikes, or is it enforced on cars as well if you get caught.

    Interesting topic, seems like a good one to get the correct answer on.
  7. That whole thing about P platers being restricted as to what car they drive is Bull cheeeet!

    I've seen P platers drive:
    Gen3 5.7V8 clubsport,
    BA XR8
    BA XT6 turbo
    Various Skyline GTR (R32, R33) with big intercoolers, exhaust (haven't seen under the bonnet)
    WRX STi'l with big intercoolers, exhaust
    and other high power, modded fast cars

    What's the deal :?: :? :?: :? :? :? :?
  8. oh, sorry. Took me a while to write what I did and didn't see the reply.

    Just curious, if P platers arn't supposed to drive those cars that means that if they have an accident, they won't have any,
    comprehensive insurance,
    3rd party insurance,
    TAC insurance.....????
  9. If you are booked for riding a larger capacity bike, and are doing nothing else wrong, you will get a $107 fine and no points.
    However, if you are a 'Learner' then you will also get done for failure to display L plates, which im not sure on the money fine, but its 3 points.
    Of course, there is the no insurance thing to worry about. There is also the 'Failure to display Ps' if you're on your car P plates etc.

    The actual fine you get for riding overcapacity on a motorcycle is 'Failure to follow prescribed licence conditions.' So im assuming that could also be the same fine if you're not wearing your glasses and it states you must on your licence. Apparently motorcycles are in a little loop hole that makes it purely a fine, however, cars can be fined alittle different as it is not so much a condition on the licence, but the licence itself that states you arnt allowed to drive car x.
    And I've been told a whole lot more laws can be thrown at you.
  10. In victoria, you're not meant to drive a car if it has a power to weight ratio greater than 125 kilowatts per tonne or with a capacity to weight ratio of more than 3.5 litres per tonne. Apparantly, you're allowed to if it's the only car in the family tho.

    There's a list of restriced cars on the vicroads website, and it says: "The penalties for driving a high powered motor vehicle include a heavy fine, and may result in licence suspension". It's very very rarely inforced though.

    This is a bit off topic, but while I was searching the Vicroads site, I found this info:

    So... If I hold a full drivers licence, then go for motorcycle L's, then 3 months later I get a full motorcycle licence and not P's?!? (And hence, no restrictions)
  11. Wrong, you still have restrictions for 12 months, you don't have to display P's.
  12. Pfft - I knew it was too good to be true :p
  13. Come on somebody must have the exact law for what happens, maybe we need a Policeman on this forum to answer these questions....
  14. What? and let them discover all our top-secret secrets?? NO WAY BUCKY!!!
  15. There's a cop who posts on aus.moto. He said he doesn't know all the traffic rules, as it's in a book a couple of thousand pages long.

    Need a team of lawyers instead.

  16. I was told by an ex cop that the fine is "failure to obey conditions of licence", which is a small fine and no demerit points. He also said that repeat offences could result in a fine for "driving with disregard for the authority" or something like that, which would probably be a big nasty fine, demerit points or loss of licence.

    My advice is keep your stock exhaust, ride sedately, dont go on big group rides, and be polite if you ever do get caught.
  17. I think you also have to consider what else is at stake, as someone pointed out, you don't have any insurence, chances are this will include your third party personal, so if you run someone over, or whatever, your insurence won't pay for there medical bills, and if they can't work for the rest of there life, will mean one of two things.

    1. you get suied for everything you've got (which if your like me, isn't much)
    2. they have to just deal with it, and cope the best way they can, with no money!

    resrictions in NSW total 1 year and 3 months, I don't think that is a very long time to wait, to avoid any dramas!
  18. Yeah I went through this a while ago, mostly out of frustration with the stupidity of the antiquated Victorian laws. I again didn't get a definite answer but the general consensus is that it's $105 and no demerit points if you're pinged and if they catch you repeatedly they'll be able to take your bike and/or license away one way or another.

    There were variations on this but pretty much everyone agreed that you're not covered by insurance if you do stack. And if that stack happens to be into a BMW and requires an extended stay in hospital you're going to spend perhaps a decade or more of your life paying off the potentially hundreds of thousands of dollars in bills that you've racked up. I didn't think it was worth it so I didn't bother. It'd probably be more productive attempting to drum up support to get some NSW style legislation passed. Just my opinion... if you're a millionaire anyway go nuts :)
  19. yeah I heard a that VIC traffic laws are pretty tight, don't you guys get pinged for doing 3km over the limit?

    Don't think NSW is that great though, if you get booked doing <15km/h you will loose 3 points, which if you are on your P's, that is your whole licence! Also, there are 4 years of P and L plates in NSW (for car licences), but as yet no restriction on what car you can drive!
  20. I was told you get a $105 fine and no demerit points. And you are still covered by TAC. Even if you are unlicenced you are covered by TAC !!
    That was from a bike shop..