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Seeking Netrider Volunteer to Test Ride a bike - QLD

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Shori, Sep 9, 2012.

  1. Hey guys,

    I was wondering if anyone on this forum will be kind enough to check out and test ride a bike for me. The bike is in Moorooka - QLD. Triumph Speed Triple

    Link to the bike - http://www.teammoto.com.au/used_bik...mit=10&make_id=10&model_id=57&stock_id=515876

    I dont mind offering a monetary reward - $50 for his or her services.


  2. If it's in such good condition why can't you trust the word of the dealer?

    Or, why not fly up and look at it if you're serious about buying it? Flights are cheap in comparison to the whole bike...
  3. It's the first time I'm buying from the dealership, so therefore a bit reluctant. Its hard for me to trust everything they state. They said I should put a deposit now as there is someone interested in the bike now in QLD while I'm talking to them about it. Might be true who knows - only he does. If its sold its sold.

    It add to the total cost I have budgeted for the bike and exceeds it. There is only so much I can spend, therefore seeking help.

    If some one can volunteer - it will be great. If someone in Sydney asked me to do so and I had the time and it was not too much trouble for me to get to it. I would do it too.
  4. seems fair enough im sure one of the NRs will be able to help you, if you havnt budgeted for flights how do you plan to get the bike back to sydney in budget?
  5. i would offer to help, but i would think something like that should be left to someone who knows about triples.
    but with a bike that new, it's pretty hard to buy a lemon unless it's been thrown at something solid
  6. I test rode it last weekend bud. Great bike, in excellent condition! I nearly bought it but have decided on a KTM Superduke.

    PM me if a want my number and I'll talk to you about it. Justin there is the salesman I dealt with.
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  7. The dealership will ship it. They have it included in the sale price given to me.
  8. Just msgd you mate...
  9. I bought my ST from TM at nerang - they were as good as their word about the condition the bike was in. I still had a look at it though :p.
  10. Keep us posted!
  11. A BIG THANK YOU to Azzab for calling and making life easier for me. I can't thank you enough mate. Your call has cleared the doubts that I had. I hope I get an opportunity to return the favour or be of some assistance to anyone out there.

    It's great to see fellow bikers helping out and looking after each other. Netrider has a strong community of ever so helpful people on the forum and outside.

    I'm thankful to be part of such a group of guys.

    I'll call the dealership tomorrow morning and try and bring down their asking amount if the bike is still available and hopefully leave a deposit.

    Thanks again to all.

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  12. Now how much is the street triple gonna be selling for? I might be interested, depending on the price :)
  13. Trust...dealer...? :deal:

    Also good stuff Shori (and Azzab!), hope that all works out. :)
  14. Bike sold and then not sold and then sold again..then again not sold.

    This is the response I got this morning when I called the dealership in Sydney & QLD. Sydney is adamant its sold. Whereas QLD (where the bike is) says still available and took my deposit (said its refundable) for it.

    There seems to be major confusion here...If its available I think I might have turned the dealerships on each other in regards to the sale...

    Will wait and see what happens. Will keep you all posted.
  15. No problem mate happy to help. Hope you get it sorted, she's a beauty.

    Picked up my Superdukr last night. Very VERY happy with my decision :)