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Seeking IoM TT onboard footage

Discussion in 'Multimedia' started by LineNoise, Dec 9, 2005.

  1. Does anyone know where I could acquire some onboard footage of a full lap of the TT course from recent-ish years?

  2. footage of the circuit with some on board action
  3. The year is 1993 and I'm at the TT very drunk. I'm standing outside Bushy's pub on the main drag where guys go to pull wheelies and do burn outs. It all went quiet for a few minutes and nothing was going on. Before I knew it I'd got my gear off and was running naked along the road out side bushy's pub. The crowd went mad. As per usual the TV news was there in full force to catch people having accidents and crashes so they could do the usual nightly TV news propagander of how many people get hurt and killed at the TT every year. The camera followed me as I ran passed. The footage ended up on Sky news channel in the UK. I still have the video to this day. If anyone can convert videos tape to PC please let me know. I'd love to have my 5 minutes of fame stored on my hard drive.
  4. I've got a full lap of the IOM in mpeg.
    from the 2005 TT championship. PM me and we'll work out someway to get it to ya. It's 180mb and in pretty decent quality.
  5. hehehehe :LOL:
  6. can you burn it to cd and send it if I give you an address?
  8. PS: If once you have converted it to an mpeg could you please enhance the size of my knob.

    I've always wanted a 12 inch penis instead of this big thing I've got now
  9. Not recent and not a full lap (have a DVD at home with the rider commentating the lap...amazing stuff. I'll see if I can remember to find it and tell you the name of the DVD) but this movie is still worth a look.

    Direct link rigth click save as might work

    Link to page