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Seeking Interest For Paintball In Vic

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by Master Illusion, Jan 17, 2006.

  1. Hi Everyone,

    As you may be aware paintball has just recently been legalised again in Vic, and I just had a cople of marketing guys, came around and offered me a package that is just super fantastic. Yer whatever. LOL. I am not gonna go for the deal through, but it prompted me to pull out the companies card as the guy who owns the place has come into work on a few occasions to buy some stuff. I work near the range, its in Carrum Downs and I work in frankston :p

    Anyhoo, just wanting to scout the waters and see if anyone in vic would be interesting in coming along so that we can make it a group booking and hopefully get it pretty cheap. When I spoke to the guy in Oct 05 he said it would be around $70 - $100 per person. But may end up being cheaper, you never know.

    Apparently you get free gear, paintballs, free equpment hire, and free BBQ if there is enough people, and if we get more than 24 people we can hire the place to ourselves. :LOL:

    I will give him a call tomorrow and see what kind of packages are available and get back to you.

    Cheers :LOL: :p :cool:

  3. Depends on when, but otherwise:

  4. yep - as long as my back is better
  5. same depends on dates, was meant to do the one late last year but either had a mates wedding or bucks night on the suggested weekend (can't remember now) but yes am interested!
  6. yipeee count me in also---- would luv to shot some suzuki riders
  7. was it? umm, if so then yes.
  8. yep but. thing to check is how many free paintballs you get with that price. and if you have to buy refils. because thats where the money goes. can get very expensive.
  9. Yep, no problems... the guys that came around today gave me the speal but conveniently left that bit out, eventhough it had "Bring 8 People along and one person gets 200 paintballs free. I will ask him that tomorrow when I call. :p :LOL:
  10. My husband would love that! I dont like pain though, so I may give it a miss. I would probably get shot in the first 5 minutes anyway :p
  11. Well, I just went to Paintball on Saturday at Coldstream, and 1,000 paintballs later for the fee of $225.00 and a few sore spots as well.

    Those semi automatic paint guns are so powerful it's not funny, some low person shot me in the back of the head at close range and nearly knocked me out.

    Just to let you know the $70.00 is for 100 balls only and then they charge $25.00 per each additional 100 balls, which you can buy when you are playing the activities.

    But it is good fun, but be prepared for a few bruises.
  12. How long were you on the field for to use 1000 paintballs????
  13. can i bring my plastic toy??

    pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeease :grin:
  14. Carrum Downs Venue has this free voucher you can get from eBay
    (It's free, not 99cents)

    What you get:

    *Your 1st 100 Paintballs FREE
    *Semi Automatic Gun hire FREE
    *Overall hire FREE
    * Scott or V - Force safety mask hire (the best available) FREE
    * A 20% further discount on additional paintballs for your entire session for your entire group!
    * FREE BBQ at the local pub after your session.
    * The voucher is valid for an unlimited amount of players

    EXTRA PAINTBALLS: $20 per 100 paintballs
    $25 Booking Fee

  15. put me down for one of them too!
  16. depends on total price and date and if bluey goes or not :LOL:
  17. Expect to use between 100 and 200 rounds per field, half day generally would mean 6-8 fields. Roughly guessing anyway.

    It's not a cheap outing, and I doubt you can bring your own paint.
  18. :shock:

    I don't smell that bad do I? :(

    Anyway, I'd be interested but it heavily depends on dates for me though.
  19. Started about 10.30am and finished at 1.30, so 3 hours all up.
    Total of 8 missions on 4 courses. And it is real easy to shot 200 paintballs if you are defending. The guns also hold 200 paintballs in the hopper.
  20. When you get hit with a paintball, is there someone who umpires or referees the game to indicate that you're injured or dead? And how do they work out what constitutes a fatal hit versus mortally wounded versus a mere flesh wound?