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Seeking Crash witness' 28/09 Melbourne

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by cazzo, Oct 2, 2016.

  1. This is a pretty big community so I'm hoping someone will either come forward on knows someone who can that directly witnessed a crash between motorcycle and car.

    Wednesday 28th September 2016.
    Approx 11:00am
    Intersection of Burwood Hwy and Springvale Roads, Vermont South,
    Ford Territory Versus Motorcycle.

    Driver did stop and render assistance.

    Desperately seeking any witness' who saw the incident happen first hand.

  2. Mate - isn't that intersection red light camera monitored? In which case any t-bone crash would have been caught on film (or at least should indicate what happened).

    Or maybe Zagames have security camera footage?

    Best of luck.
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  4. Sorry to hear about this man, I hope the recovery goes well.

    And that you can get the info or footage you need. Don't the paramedics have dash video?
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  5. No cameras in MICA or ambulances, several sources have also told me there is no tracking only live GPS to get them to a scene.
    I'm flabbergasted that anyone of us can buy a dashcam for a few bucks and they have nothing, not even for their own benefit.
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  6. Sorry to hear cazzocazzo hope recovery goes well and you also get some answers.
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  7. To explain the seriousness of the incident, here is the list of injuries from head to toe:

    Fractured cheek bone
    Fractured nose
    2 dissected arteries in the neck
    2 fractured ribs on the right
    Fracture rib on the left
    Left hand ractured had (will require screw)
    left fractured hip which is the top ball joint on the femur snapped off. Has been plated and screwed
    left fractured tibia. Has been plated and screwed
    Crushed and degloved left foot. Half has been amputated.
    Right femur fractured. Has been pinned.
    Extensive bruising.

    Ambulance Victoria and Victoria Police are not disclosing ANY information on the incident. One witness has disclosed information to me. Unfortunately a fellow rider who posted and in reasonable detail is refusing to discuss the incident to the point he is denying seeing anything!
  8. Absolutely terrible mate. Is there anything we can do to help?

    Why are they now refusing to talk? Did they post on here?
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  9. Not a lot anyone can do, except to put the word out there ask friends and family if they know anyone who witnessed the incident.

    Honestly, I can't fathom why a fellow rider would behave in such a manner. It wasn't post here but on his own wall, but is now back pedalling. It truly is mind boggling stuff.
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  10. Do you have any idea of why the police and ambulance service have both clammed up? Might be worth contacting the police minister directly, or even the MP for that area. Or put in an FOI request? Shit they can't black-bag this whole incident....
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  11. Mate, my only guess is they are trying to keep it out of public view. Seriously, Snr Srgt Natrass of Nunawading basically told me to get lost, I didn't deserve to know anything and what would I know about crashes (I've got 25 years in the smash industry), he also started to side with the MICA. Then I read in the local paper he is heading up operation MotoSafe for the city of Whitehorse!
  12. Farking hell, think I'd be escalating it above his pay grade.
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  13. Can you prove he was there, or the detail is sufficient enough to prove it? Thinking maybe he was full of shite, and now back-pedalling because realising he'll be shown as such?
    If details already given is proof enough, maybe contact from a solicitor will be enough for him to rethink?
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  14. I would suggest either 1: Getting a Power of attorney from your wife for all matters regarding the accident or (should each have one anyhow) an Enduring Power of Attorney - then go down and ask for copy of accident report. OR 2. Finding a good legal representative who will represent your partners interests. At the moment the Police have no legal obligation to talk to you and they can fob you off - "for privacy reasons"

    Accident Report: Victoria Police - Accident Records ( Husbands and partners do not get a mention as a Representative!!)

    The witness - if actually one - probably has been told (by the Police) in no uncertain terms to not talk to anybody. I would suggest finding a good law firm because will need one anyhow to maximize TAC claims etc..
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  15. Sorry to hear all of this. Agree with returned - time to lawyer up.
  16. Thanks for the advice and wishes.
    I have lawyered up already for the property damage and for the personal injury claim.

    I've had an investigator from Ambulance Victoria contact us, he even stated only after he saw it in the paper. Interestingly enough he's also passed comment about stuff on my own facebook page which I purposely made public. Ultimately he is desperately trying to get me into a meeting with him, paramedics and Vicpol to discuss the matter, I repeatedly told him not a chance without my legal representative being present, he still insisted.

    It's been a monumental stuff up from the start, I learnt of the crash 4.5 hours after it happened via a facebook tag in the Ducati club! Vicpol are blaming Paramedics for not calling next of kin. The inspector first blamed Vicpol, then blamed the Alfred hospital but never Ambulance Victoria.
    The excuses range from the phone being locked which is not true, to not having her possessions except for the fact that every item is tagged and accounted for!

    I'll hand the legal side over to the professionals shortly, I've got better things to worry about.

    Besides that, if this is how fcuked our system is, something has to change!
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  17. Mate sorry you've had to go through all this shit on top of your wife's serious injuries. I hope some sense gets seen sooner rather than later and you get a decent outcome, and all the best for your wife's recovery.
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  18. What a clusterfcuk of a situation. Hope it all ends well and the missus is back on her feet sooner rather than later
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  19. Sorry to hear the news cazzocazzo
  20. Seriously mate I think we aren't too far from each other so even if you simply need some animals to be fed or walked flick me a PM and I'll be all over it.
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