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Seeking closure

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by ROY G BIV, Jan 29, 2006.

  1. Hi folks, this thread is dedicated to a fellow motorcyclist whose life was significantly altered by an accident in 1999/2000.
    Her name was (i think!! :oops: ) Jackie Gray.
    I was riding along one night in Chatswood and happened to arrive at the scene just after it had happened. I think it was the corner of Boundary rd and Archer st but don't remember exactly.
    A Tarago van loaded with nightclubbers (on their way out) had run a red light and t-boned 'Jackie' on her GPX250 as she was turning right. :cry: They had been travelling at quite a rate of knots and absolutely knocked her for six. Both she and her bike were on the footpath to the left of the main road along which the van was travelling. Had it not been for the large fence that caught them, i'm sure that both bike and rider would have gone much further.
    Jackie's injuries were quite bad and when i (and another person) got to where she was, we both thought that she was dead. She didn't appear to be breathing and wasn't moving at all. One of her thighs had a compound break and had split open almost the entire length of her leg. Her hand was twisted badly and worst of all, one of her feet was missing.
    My initial reaction was one of helplessness, i just didn't know what to do nor where to start. The lady who was there with me called the police and ambulances while various other people turned up at the scene.
    The driver and passengers of the car made no attempt to come over and see if she was ok, instead they sat around the corner doing sweet f.a. I was angry with them but could only really focus on the near dead person less than 50m away, unlike some idiots. :evil:
    Soon after the call for help went out, Jackie regained consciousness.
    Then she began to moan and scream the most awful sound i have ever heard a person make! (understandibly of course) OMG, it was extremely intense because until then i had never seen anything like this. I just wanted to help somehow but couldn't offer anything that would have made her any better.
    However when the ambulance turned up i stayed and helped where i could, even if it was only holding the bags of fluid that were pumped into her. I also remember looking around with the police to try and find her missing foot but to no avail. That was really quite horrible, we just couldn't figure out where it ended up.
    Later on i found out which hospital she was in and i visited her while she was in a coma. But it got to the point where i just couldn't handle it anymore and had to let it all go. Until now.
    What i am looking for is not gratification or anything like that, i just want to find out if anyone here knows her and how she went afterwards!
    Hopefully this story will ring some bells for someone here, there is quite a substantial membership now. Like the thread title says, i just want closure and to know that she turned out ok.
    And if she happens to see this at all, i am sorry that i didn't keep coming to visit.
    Yours sincerely, Pete.

    edit: her name may have been spelled Jacqui.
  2. I truely wish i could help in some way in your search, but alas, I cannot, thats a very sad story :( :( :( :( hope she is ok now, and I hope you find her, and kudos bro for being a champ and helping some one in need!
  3. Peter

    Can you do any more to narrow down the date? If you can, back issues of the local paper should have her name and eventual outcome.

    If you can remember the location as well, this would help as the local council and Vic Roads should keep records for road planning/engineering. Try looking at road maps of the Chatswood area - it might help jog the memory.

    try this link to narrow down the date: http://www.tac.vic.gov.au/jsp/statistics/reportingtool.do

    Good on you for helping her then and best of luck on the search.
  4. Chatswood is a northern suburb of Sydney
  5. My mistake - apologies.

    shows how much I know about Melbourne and Sydney. :oops:
  6. good luck with the search... newspapers/phonebook is all I can reccomend. sorry :(
  7. That's quite traumatising and tragic, hope you find your closure
  8. If you are having trouble with this... having recurring dreams about the terrible trajedy this girl suffered then you may benifit from some counseling.

    Seriously, please consider it... it _can_ help.

    Best of luck with your search!
  9. Any chance you could check with the police to see the records of her name?

    not sure how you'd go with privacy etc though.
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  11. Mate that is an awful story. Let me do some digging and see if theres anything on some of the newspaper sites or elsewhere.
  12. Thanks for the replies folks. Hopefully this will be seen by enough people to find out something good!
    I still think about that time quite often and it still brings a tear to the eye.
    It affected me quite badly at the time, i even almost gave up riding for good. I had just started working as a motorcycle courier 3 or 4 months previously and had gotten to the point of being quite good but after this incident i couldn't continue. I ended up quiting about a week later because i was unable to concentrate sufficiently anymore.
    However what i went through was nothing compared to her, i am sure she was in a coma for some time. :cry:
    As for details, well, my memory is a bit hazy in that regard and i can't remember a date even though i am pretty sure it was late 1999. It was definitely on Boundary rd in Chatswood, most likely at the intersection with Archer st or the next one down away from Pacific Hwy. And i do remember that she went to the Royal North Shore hospital in St. Leonards.
    Cheers, Pete.

    edit: she had a really cool custom spray helmet too, it had a penguin on it! Won't help any but it's some detail i remember.
  13. I dont blame you one bit! just reading your experience has affected me alone! poor girl! its truely awful...god damn, my heart goes out to her and her family, you know bro, if you wanna chat about this, you can pm me, its taken a burden on you.
  14. U got 2 chances there..

    Buckleys & None
  15. Have you spoken to a professional about it yet? or even a Pastor/Priest

    It can help; being able to sit in front of someone & letting it all
    out; your thoughts/emotions etc

    Nothing wrong or something to be ashamed out. I freely admit I've taken
    stress leave B4 & sought professional help bc of work related situations
    I've had to face in the past.

    All the best Roy..
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  17. Roy should at least be able to find out if she's OK through this member of parliament, within the limits of privacy laws....
  18. Well done Hornet. :applause:

    That should help a bit

  19. Wow, great work hornet600!
    I didn't realise her injuries were that bad though. :cry:
    Looking back just a while ago i realised that it was 2000 not 1999, that just confirmed it.
    I wonder how she is now?

    edit: I'll be firing off an email shortly to find out.