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Seeking : Aprilla RS125cc owners,

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by baru, May 2, 2008.

  1. Looking for anyone that owns a aprilla RS125cc bike, as i have heard that they are a little larger than say a cbr-r/rr / zzr250 ect size wise, and they fit taller riders a bit better,

    I have found one that i am interested in, however being 3 + hours away from where i live, just wanted to find any other owners and how tall they are,

    Any help greatly appreciated.

    *feel free to pm or contact me on msn if thats easier.*
  2. No, they are a miny euro racer, designed for tiny 60kg jockeys. Any 250cc would be better if height is your major concern, cbr, zzr are larger.
  3. actually, they're not that small
    i'm 6 foot 2 and it's not a painful excercise for me
    the newer RSs (06 onwards) are bigger again, i believe.

    i'd ride out and let you have a sit on it for sizing, but it's in the shop and you're in Bendigo.

    good luck man.
    ps, i wouldn't buy an RS125 unless you absolutely loved it
  4. Mate, steer clear of these buzz boxes. They are only useful to gelatinus pimple faced teens on daddys credit card at a dead flat track.

    They produce a tiny amount of power and do so in a very narrow band. As such in traffic you will be cursing. Plus the re-builds are a joy every 20-25 thou k's.

    Buy a 2fiddy.
  5. lord, i WISH
    scheduled top-end rebuilds every 12k.

    i love my little Prilla. which is the only reason i can put up with all it's problems