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Seeking advice on rain gear

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by kyp, Dec 7, 2011.

  1. Hi folks,

    I've got my licence 3 month ago but started my everyday commuting to work just recently (apporx 3 weeks). I ride whatever weather and last 2 weeks were rainy enough for me to start thinking about purchasing wet weather gear. My Jacket has got waterproof lining but pants just casual wear. I'm seeking advice on rain gear. Given that I do approx 30km a day, do I need overalls or waterproof pants will be enough? Prices on rain gear are pretty various($70 -$899). I'm wondering what kind of rain gear you use in your daily commute.
  2. I got a set of MotoDry pants and jacket - they're just thin plastic stuff you put on over your normal gear...
    Very impressed so far too - kept me bone-dry from Gundagai to Sydney a few weeks ago in terrible weather.
    I got a slightly oversized jacket, so I can put it on over the top of my backpack too if necessary.
  3. +1 for MotoDry pants and jacket.
  4. i might have to look into this MOTODRY brand you all speak of... i only got those cheap ALDI ones that came out 4 months ago.. they seem to do the job but my jeans still tend to get abit damp underneath them...
  5. Sounds like my old RJAYS ones Kingy - water soaks through the seams so you end up with a damp crotch...
    The MotoDry ones have plastic-welded seams so you don't get seepage, and no zips to leak either...
  6. Thanks for suggestions guys. I'll defenitely look at MotoDry pants as mentioned.
  7. Cheap yellow plastic overtrousers from a workwear shop. 100% waterproof, roll up smallish and cost a small fraction of the $70 you mention as a minimum for motorcycle specific stuff.

    This assumes kevlar jeans or chinos as a minimum underneath as the overpants will offer zero additional crash protection.
  8. I went to Boating Camping Fishing (BCF) and bought some of their rain pants that fold up into a tiny bag. They need replacing about every 1-2 years but at $30 thats not exactly a big deal. Just make sure you get a very big size so it covers your ankles when in a crouched riding position.
  9. I've currently got a pair of MotoDry rain pants and the seem to work fine. No leakages.

    The worst rain pants I've had were DriRider ones. They leaked the first time I wore them.
  10. Stay away from Aldi & DriRider stuff. Might need to check MotoDry and/or the boating/camping/workwear shops next time.

    Thanks for the info guys. (y)
  11. Ok. So MotoDry is the way to go. Thanks guys.
  12. Is anyone has got any experience with IXON rain gear?
  13. i got my Aldi ones for 10 bucks lol... i bought them because i could i suppose as i really didn't intend to ride in the rain ... but now i have a new job and i need the transport and in the wet i had them... ok for 10 bucks and ok if you like the look of pissing your pants
  14. That's the thing I'm trying to avoid. :)
  15. I'm a rain or shine commuter and have been saved many a time by my RST Touring gear......
    Awesome stuff - not one drop has ever made it through (y)
  16. My old DriRider one piece rain suit was brilliant (providing I did up the velcro properly). The only reason I say 'old' is because my son 'borrowed' them for his ride to Brisbane in April and I'm not holding my breath for him to return them.
  17. A bit of update. I've ended up with MotoDry pants which appear to be relatively cheap $35. Eventually I have had to test them 1 minute after I went out of the shop as drizzle turned into heavy shower so I could really see nothing out of my visor. So far so good, from now on I can commute every day whatever weather. Thanks everyone for suggestions.
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  18. I picked up a cheap yellow trousers from Bunnings as I was desperate to get home without getting wet. Got home dry but the plastic trousers smelled like petrol.

    I normally carry overpants if wearing jeans, otherwise if its wet/raining I wear DriRider pants and its got knee protectors :)